Phenom Open Gym: Quality Education

5'11 2024 JJ Moore JJ is a quick, shifty guard who has the ability to create his own shot or plays for others. Even though he isn't the biggest guy on the floor he will be one of the toughest players who will compete at a high level. JJ has the ability to impact the game defensively with his ability to put pressure on the ball handler. He also does a great job rebounding for his size &...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 1 at Summer Havoc (Part 2)

2025 Brycen Redmon (Team EAT): Redmon put on a show early in the afternoon, going for 30 points and really showing his ability to mix it up offensively.' He started off with his perimeter game going, confidently knocking down shots with range.' But once they figured to get out on him, he was in full attack mode, making plays off the dribble and consistently getting to the free-throw line. 2025...

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Phenom Player Spotlight: 2025 6'3 Elijah Mobley (North Charlotte)

y Player: Elijah MobleyClass: 2025Height: 6'3AAU: Team United EliteSchool: North Charlotte HS Season Stats: Mobley had a very good sophomore season, as he was putting up strong stats throughout.  In 22 games, he averaged over 25 points per game to lead his team, hit 44 3-pointers, and also racked up 6.9 rebounds, 2.9 assists, and 3.2 steals per game. Mobley is a prospect going under the...

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POB’s Eye Catchers: Phenom Grassroots TOC (Day 3, Part 2)

2022 Jemez Herd Jr. (Team PUSH NC 2022): The unsigned senior came out with a little something to prove and that he did.' He looked unstoppable on the court to finish the day, scoring in all ways.' He finished extremely well in transition, finishing at the rim with power, and having multiple dunks but also displayed how tough of a matchup he can be on the floor with his size and skill set. 2022...

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Phenom Grassroots TOC Team Preview: 704 Soldierz

The Phenom Grassroots TOC is this weekend in Rock Hill/Fort Mill, as it is the first LIVE Period with Phenom Hoops this season. The talent pool runs deep throughout and we want to give college coaches a leg up on who to watch and who will be in action. Here are a few players to check out for each team, presented by the head coach. 704 Soldierz Elijah Mobley2025PG/ SGVery vocal, sure ball-handler...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 1 at Phenom Holiday Classic

2022 Marcus Kell (Legion Collegiate): I will have to say this, Western Carolina seems to have gotten them a steal, and can't wait to see what he is able to do at the next level. Really tough to match up with a 6'8 prospect with one of the smoothest shots around, stepping in and showing his range, but also being effective in all areas and helping on the boards.' Simply uses his size to his...

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