Dawkins’ Championship Sunday Standouts from Phenom MC

By; DeAjai Dawkins 6’3 2022 Evan Smith (ACE Elite 17U)  Evan has performed like a high-level guard all weekend, distributing and scoring at a balanced pace. He’s starting to create with less dribbles than before. This is one player that’s in a prime position to lead coming into this high school season, and his recruitment will likely benefit.  6’1 2022 Jazian Gortman (PCH Nightrydas 17U) ...

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Phenom Open Run: Ardrey Kell

Phenom Hoops traveled to Fort Mill recently to check in on the Absolute Basketball Fall League, giving fans an early look at players and teams around the Charlotte area. Teams came out and looked to compete, which they did, leaving it all on the court. It also gave us and fans a chance to view players more with their high school teammates, as we break down what we saw at the event.

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