Previewing the Triad High School Basketball Landscape: Mount Tabor

It’s been stated before, but the high school basketball scene has transformed into something comparable to NBA free agency. On one hand, the kneejerk reaction is to pose an argument for why/how transferring or reclassifying could have a positive effect on said player. The other side of the token typically points to the lack of loyalty, structure, or overall negative effects that could...

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COACH’S CORNER: Mt. Tabor’s Andy Muse Speaks on Coaching Longevity + Lessons Learned Thru the Years

A staple in North Carolina for over 25 years, Rick Lewis sits down with Mount Tabor head coach Andy Muse who has won over 500+ games in his career. He discusses being an assistant coach under his dad at Parkland, what were some of his biggest lessons he learned from his father, what have been some of the biggest changes he has seen in the game, and what he can contribute to his long-term success? Coach also discusses what it is like to now see his son, Adam Muse, following in his footsteps.

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