Phenom Hoops’ Game Report: Westover vs. Clayton

We were told to arrive an hour before game time as both teams were expected to bring big crowds to watch the 4th round matchup at Westover High School. The matchup was the 4-seed Clayton against the 1-seed, and undefeated, Westover High School. The crowd showed up, and the atmosphere was great, everything you’d want in a playoff atmosphere.

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Crowd Rode HIM & BJ Freeman FLEXED with 22 & 15!! Clayton v. Wake Forest Full Highlights

Clayton matched up with Wake Forest last night and came away with the win. He had great numbers with 22 points & 15 boards, out of his teams 57 total. We also caught up with BJ with a small interview about recruitment as well Here are the full game highlights in a conference matchup vs. Wake Forest

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