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Major Breakout Candidates for North Carolina’s Class of 2022

The high school/grassroots development process differs greatly from that of any other level in basketball. Obviously these young players are going through physical changes, some for better and some for worse, which will ultimately help sculpt their overall basketball identity. However, there are also more critical checkpoints during this journey as opposed to the higher levels. This isn’t meant...

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North Meck Set to Continue Their Reign of Dominance

The high school basketball landscape is in constant flux, whether from players transferring, prep schools emerging, or something in between. These common situations have made it extremely difficult for most programs, as the roster turnover is greater than ever before. However, North Meck has been a sheer model of consistency since the turn of the millennium. Coach Duane Lewis should be credited...

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Poised to Breakout: 6’0 Davion Cunningham

The North Carolina basketball landscape is arguably unlike any other, given the constant flux of talent across the state. Whether through public or private school, prospects seem to emerge each and every season. In looking at the public school side of things, few teams have been as successful as North Mecklenburg during the Duane Lewis era. Their reputation has withstood the test of time through...

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Brandon’s Friday Night Lights Standouts: #PhenomChallengeLive

The lone Spring live period is upon us and we wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere other than the great city of Spartanburg, hundreds of players from rising freshmen to unsigned seniors are coming in with something to prove! Spartanburg, South Carolina- The Phenom Hoops crew is back at it again for another action packed live period, two things you can count on players will be tested...

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#PhenomOpening: Miles Early Sunday Standouts

6’0 2022 Davion Cunningham: Team Loaded 704 McCullough 15U Cunningham was arguably the most impressive prospect in the first game of the day with his ability to attack off the dribble and find open teammates when the defense collapses on him.  He plays the game with a high level of relentlessness, constantly in attack mode, leaving defenders on their heels and often in the dust.  It’ll be...

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