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North Carolina Spring Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations Session II: Team 4

Team 4 Coach: Chris Sause   #4: 5’7 ’23 Caleb Senyo (Fletcher, NC) Starting things off, we look at a player that possesses a quality foundation and useful skillset, Caleb Senyo. He’s a smart, wiry point guard prospect with a fairly well-rounded skillset and the ability to properly run an efficient offense. Senyo offers a terrific balance between scoring and playmaking, which allows him to...

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#NCPhenom150 Session Two: Freshman Standouts

#39 6’2 2022 Lebron Thomas: Lee Central High School (SC) Lebron Thomas is the kind of kid every coach would want to have on their team.  He’s a tenacious competitor, that makes his money on the defensive end of the court, with his lateral quickness, fast hands, and length.  On the offensive end, he excels in transition, using his high IQ to make the right read in those situations. ...

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Early Standouts at Phenom’s North Carolina 150 Camp

#16- 5’10 ’20 Jordan Coleman- The strong-bodied point guard has been among the top overall performers on display through the first three games. He’s smart, athletic, and relentlessly attacks the rim, where he made an abundance of quality reads. College coaches should be getting involved here.   #23- 5’10 ’22 Kolby Ashe- There hasn’t been a more effective floor general than Ashe, who...

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#NCPhenom150 Session Two: Early Standouts

#57 6’3 2019 Brevin Goodlett: North Rowan High School Goodlett left an early impression with his high tenacity on the defensive end, with his willingness to get downhill and attack smaller defenders.  He’s a versatile, scholarship level wing guard that consistently has a positive impact at both ends of the floor.  He finishes through contact at the rim, Defensively, he’s...

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