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A chance to watch the future at Queen City Showcase: Garner Road 3SSB 16u

Rock Hill will be loaded with talent and Phenom Hoops wants to not only get everyone ready for an exciting event but also make sure we provide exposure for teams and players all throughout. We start previewing teams and players that coaches and fans will want to check out at the event.

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Is Aaron Murphy Poised for a Breakout Season?

Each year in North Carolina, there are numerous prospects that exceed expectations and (typically) alter the general perception surrounding them. This usually applies to those who have changed location, rapidly developed, or find themselves a newfound role/situation. In just looking at the three most recent high school classes (2018, 2019, and 2020), we’ve seen the likes of Hunter Tyson, Nate...

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2019-20 Phenom Hoops All-State Team (Class of 2022)

It was a spectacular year no matter how you look at it. Players really made a name for themselves and had an impressive season on the court, producing on so many levels. Phenom Hoops brings you their All-State teams for the 2022 class. A huge congrats to all players and teams this season.

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North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 9

Team 9 Coach: Ryan Bernardi   #50: 5’8 ’22 Malik Wensman (Cary, NC) Starting things off, we look at a player that showcased an intriguing array of skills and solid basketball foundation, Malik Wensman. He’s a young guard prospect with a great feel for the game and the ability to score or make plays for others. Wensman handles the ball well and was able to penetrate past defenders fairly...

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