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Diving in With: Paul Hudson Baller and future Prosthetist

Paul Hudson is a senior leader on the Charlotte Christian Basketball team, he has taken that talent to earn a free Ivy League education at Dartmouth and the opportunity to pursue his dream as a Prosthetist. Charlotte, North Carolina- The ball stops bouncing for everyone at some point and one has to have a plan or passion to pursue when that chapter comes. Hudson is a man with a plan for the next...

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Phenom National Showcase Game MVP Day 2

Phenom National Showcase Game MPV Day 2 (Dillard Gymnasium) Awards of Excellence Game MVP    6’5 2019 Paul Hudson (Charlotte Christian) Standing a lengthy 6’5 and sporting an impressive 7’4 wingspan, the do-it-all hybrid forward simply had a great all around game. Hudson finished with 18 points, collected rebounds, and defended his position extremely well. In addition,...

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#PhenomNationalShowcase: Day Two, Early Day Standouts (Dillard Gymnasium)

6’2 2019 Travion McCray: Village Christian Academy McCray is an absolute junkyard dawg that always plays with a high level of energy, toughness, and just general tenacity.  He shoots the ball well from distance and always has his head up looking where to move the ball as a true floor general.  He simply gets after it on the defensive end, taking pride in locking up whomever he matches up...

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Regional Low Major D1 April Stock Risers

6’7” 2019 Nick Evtimov Greensboro Day/Team United Evtimov has been a name that has circulated around for a while. He is a strong and very skilled post player who has always played on winning teams. He is also the son of former UNC big Vasco Evtimov and nephew of former NC State forward Ilian Evtimov. Evtimov is a brute, never worried about contact. He is a strong area rebounder and can score...

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