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Four to Know: Phenom Champion Showcase

6’7, 2022, Kheni Briggs (CP3 2022) Briggs is an absolute man child compared to his peers, at 6’7 Briggs is already a skilled wing. Briggs plays in the paint for CP3 due to his length and size; Briggs is an explosive finisher down low, he looks to finish strong through contact every time, Briggs also showed confidence handling the rock in the open floor.  Briggs possess the ball skills to...

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April Blow Ups Turn into Must Watch July Players — 6’2″ 2020 Luke Stankavage

**picture via Charlotte Observer Luke Stankavage played on the biggest stage as a freshman at Providence Day School. Although he was only a freshman, Stankavage carved himself a spot as one of the first guards coming off the bench in a backcourt he shared with three Division 1 prospects. Part way through the year, Stankavage tore his ACL, having surgery on it in February. He had a solid season,...

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