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The Game of Intrigue: Ravenscroft vs. Athens Drive

This Saturday, Phenom Hoops will be traveling to Trinity Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina for our second annual City of Oaks Classic. We've reached our final preview in the series, but it'll be exciting, as it's going to have the potential to shut the gym down. These two teams share few similarities, but both squads have something to prove. Each team contains a senior committed to a Division I...

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Storylines From #TheJohnWall Holiday Invitational: Part One

I had the wonderful opportunity to work the single greatest high school event in the country; The 47th Annual John Wall Holiday Invitational at Broughton High School, Inside the Beltline, in downtown Raleigh. There was an abundance of talent in this years event leading to four consecutive days of sold out crowds. 3500+ fans from the #HoopState filled the stands creating the single greatest...

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John Wall Holiday Invitational: Day 2 Standouts Part 1

John Wall Holiday Invitational: Day 2 Standouts Part 1 When it comes to high school holiday basketball tradition, one has to put the 47th Holiday Day Invitational (sponsored by John Wall Foundation) on the list. Played at historic Broughton High School, the John Wall is a must see. It brings a wealth of talent and teams to the Raleigh area each and every year, not to mention one of the best...

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