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South Carolina Top 80 Breakouts

On Sunday, Phenom Hoops hosted the 5th annual South Carolina Top 80 exposure camp, the premier exposure camp held in the state of South Carolina. 30+ college coaches from around the region stopped in to watch the talent, as nationally read media and NCAA compliant scouts sat baseline to watch. This is the beauty of Phenom Hoops exposure camps, many do come in with big reputations, but some are...

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What to Watch For at Phenom’s Palmetto Winter Classic (Part 3)

The Guards Guards, guards and more guards. They are the engine that makes winning basketball teams, as they ball is in their hands for 90% of the game. Without question, this event is not short of guards, by any measure. This event will have incredibly quick guards, highly explosive guards, nationally ranked guards and heady IQ guards, whatever your thing is, this event will have it at a high...

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