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Dawkins’ Standouts: Phenom Grassroots TOC

2026 Tyzhir Dyer (Team Charlotte 16U) Tyzhir Dyer embodies what high school coaches should look for in a freshman trusted with key varsity minutes. Aside from starting on variety as a freshman, Tyzhir exemplifies positive character traits consistently throughout the course of play. If you prioritize positive body language and visible response to coaching, Dyer is a player you’ll quickly grow to...

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Phenom Hoops Freshman Forty Evaluations: Team 9

Team 9 Coach: DeAngelo Spruill #51: 5’7 Ezekiel Kelly (Hickory Ridge) Starting things off, we look at a player who knows how to properly dictate the action with the ball in his hands, Ezekiel Kelly. He’s a smart, shifty point guard prospect with excellent quickness and a balanced offensive approach. Kelly handles the ball well, sets up others at a steady rate, and applies scoring pressure...

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Player Standouts at Lamelo Ball Invitational

6’9 ’25 Trent Steinour (Carolina Heights) Although this roster is loaded, it’s easy to see the value that Steinour brought to the table. His presence as a long, fluid, skilled post prospect allows him to reliably rebound, alter shots, and run the floor properly in transition. Steinour doesn’t require the ball or many touches to make a quality two-way impact. He understands how to produce within...

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Dawkins’ Standouts from Phenom G3 Showcase (Day 3)

By; DeAjai Dawkins 2024 Austin Swartz (Team Charlotte) It’s amazing to think that Swartz has two remaining years of high school basketball. I don’t think I’ve seen a sophomore scorer with Swartz’s 6’4 frame that can put the ball in the basket like he can. Swartz embodies the impact that a true dynamic shooter brings to a team. His shot-making capabilities have reached a level where defenders...

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DeAjai’s Halloween Scary Standouts

By: DeAjai Dawkins 2026 Jonathan Ross (CLT1 Miller 7th) There is a mouthful to be said about the mountain of potential that Jonathan Ross possesses. A strong-bodied athlete placed on the wing, Ross displays elite guard-like ball skills with the ability to both handle the ball and make pinpoint passes on a dime. The very first play I saw from Ross was a beautiful one-handed find from the wing to...

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North Carolina Jr. Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 2

Team 2 Coach: Kelvin Reid #3: 4’8 ’26 Kelby Taylor Jr. (Charlotte) Starting things off, we look at a player that already possesses a lot of skill, especially for his age and size, Kelby Taylor Jr. He’s a young, smart, wiry point guard prospect that offers a terrific balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Taylor does a great job of displaying craftiness, able to break down his...

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