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Carmel Christian looking to reload and preparing for another big upcoming season

If you paid attention to high school basketball in North Carolina last season at all, you would have known how much fun it was to watch Carmel Christian on the court.  A team loaded with talent looked almost unstoppable but they came up just short in earning another state championship. With the likes of Ben Burnham, Glenn Bynum, and a few others now gone, there are a few new names that will...

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Five Vital Role Players within North Carolina

Basketball has aggressively transitioned into a game surrounding star power, specifically given the overall nature of talent accumulation: the more “stars” on a team, the better. However, no team has ever found true, prolonged success without role players. Guys like Robert Horry have become legendary by embracing their identity as a smaller cog, rather than the fulcrum piece. The same notion is...

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Holiday Classic: Carmel Christian vs. Calvary Day (Recap/Standouts)

Game 3 kicked off as the action continued in Rock Hill. Two teams in North Carolina came down to battle it out, as Carmel Christian and Calvary Day took the court.  It was a tight one in the first half, with both teams playing scrappy basketball.  Carmel took the early 17-13 lead after the first, led by their big three but it wasn’t until the second quarter until they really started to...

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