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Player Standouts at Day Three of Coach Rick’s TOC

6'8 '22 James Morrow (North Florida Elite) It's somewhat perplexing to see Morrow still available in July, as he clearly possesses a scholarship-worthy identity. He's a long, athletic post prospect with a muscular frame and active two-way motor. Morrow finishes, rebounds, alters shots, and moves well for his size. He also showed the ability to knock down jumpers as needed.' 6'3 '23 Joltin...

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Phenom Grassroots TOC Team Preview: East Tennessee Kings

The Phenom Grassroots TOC is this weekend in Rock Hill/Fort Mill, as it is the first LIVE Period with Phenom Hoops this season. The talent pool runs deep throughout and we want to give college coaches a leg up on who to watch and who will be in action. Here are a few players to check out for each team, presented by the head coach. East Tennessee Kings Player Name: Bradin MintonClass:...

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Tennessee Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 3

Team 3 Coach: Dre Simmons   #4:5'0 '24 Xavian James (Maryville, TN) Starting things off, we look at a player that already possesses an advanced skillset and overall feel for the game, Xavian James. He's a smart, young, undersized point guard with great instincts and the ability to dictate the offensive action. Next in his development process is simply working to add strength in order to...

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Tennessee Phenom 150: Evaluation Team 6

Tennessee Jr. Phenom 150 Evaluations   Team 6 Coach: Senyo   #1:4'8 '25 Zachary Dickey (Fairview, NC) Starting things off, we look at a player that brought an excellent attitude and team-first approach to camp, Zachary Dickey. He's a young point guard prospect with a nice motor and overall feel for the game. Offensively, Dickey applied pressure as a penetrator and consistently assisted...

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TN Phenom 150; (9/15/18)

This past weekend, I attended my first Phenom Hoops event in Kingsport, Tennessee. Man, I had been looking forward to this one; I've been working as a scout/journalist in Virginia for the last several weeks since getting on board with the Phenom Hoop Report crew. When I noticed that one of our exposure camps, the Tennessee Phenom 150, was coming up soon on the calendar, I made sure to mark it...

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