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HIGHLIGHTS: Top 50 2023 Maki Johnson Leads WV Elite Over Elevation Prep at Insider Exposure Games!

Phenom Hoops went out to check in on some talent at the Insider Exposure Independent School Nationals, as WV Elite, which consists of several players from Teays Valley, matched up against Elevation Prep. Check out the highlights from an exciting game.

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Insider Exposure Nationals: WV Elite vs. Elevation Prep

Phenom Hoops went out to the Mooresville area to check in on the Insider Exposure Nationals, which was a terrific event that brought a ton of talent. We first want to thank Insider Exposure for allowing us to come out.  The first game we wanted to check out was WV Elite vs. Elevation Prep, as it had a ton of talent that you could be seeing play at the next level. WV Elite brings you a ton...

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Phenom Open Gym Tour: Teays Valley Christian

To finish off the Phenom Hoops’ West Virginia trip, Jamie Shaw and Patrick O’Brien headed out to one of the top and certainly upcoming programs in the country in Teays Valley Christian.  After finishing the season 23-5 last year, including wins vs. Oak Hill, now they look to not rebuild but to reload. Coach Ryan Arrowood has a few returning players but also several intriguing new names to keep...

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Tennessee Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 7

Team 7 Coach: Russell Biven   #30: 5’5 ’22 Kellen Stiles (Franklin, NC) Starting things off, we look at a player that worked with tremendous passion and energy during his time at camp, Kellen Stiles. He’s a team-first point guard prospect that handles the ball well and is capable of applying scoring pressure as a perimeter shooter. Stiles also does a nice job of working without the ball and...

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