2025 64 Christian Ananaba (SE Raleigh):

Ananaba continues to attract the eyes of our scouts; from this summer to this past weekend, the 64 prospect brings intrigue with his game. This summer, he showcased his ability to step out and knock down shots from outside, as well as bringing good athleticism to the table and guard multiple positions. He continued to show that this weekend, as his length, motor, and bounce allowed him to flourish in showing his impact as an offensive threat but also a versatile piece on the court.

2025 63 Tyren Martin (Page):

Martin was another new name that grabbed the attention of our scouts on deck at the Phenom Tourney Town Showcase. He presents good size for his position, created paint touches for himself, and was able to knock only be effective making plays for himself as well as for others. Martin is a crafty finisher and did a great job in taking what the defense gave him.

2024 68 Jeremiah McGrady (Westover):

McGrady is an interesting senior who brings good length and size to the table. He nearly finished with a double-double, as he is a mobile forward on the court. He runs rim to rim in transition well, brings a defensive presence to the table in altering shots, and can score on drop-offs or putbacks. And as the stats show, he is active as well on the glass.

2026 Kosi Mgbejiofor (WS Christian):

Mgbejiofor is a name that many may know already but he is a new name as well here in North Carolina that people may not know. This is a 610 young forward that flourished well in manning the paint, not only blocking or altering shots but showing touch in finishing over defenders and at the rim offensively. There is a lot to like in what he ultimately could be in the end, which is why schools are already targeting him.