The Phenom Grassroots TOC was a terrific event that brought plenty of familiar faces to the court, but it also gave us the advantage to learn a few new names that will be on our radar this summer and down the road. Check out what was said about a few players to watch out for down the road.

2026 Jim Gatehouse (Team Griggs):

'I’ve been very impressed with 2026 Jim Gatehouse (Team Griggs). Has been incredibly effective on the court, playing multiple roles and positions, and really showing his ability to be that go-to guy offensively.'

'2026 Jim Gatehouse (Team Griggs) has the chance to be a real problem when he keeps the game simple and goes to the basket, has well-grounded balance in a solid build to convert contested drives at a high rate, doesn't rely on explosiveness to get to his spots.'

2026 Isaiah Atkins (Spartanburg Prime):

'Atkins is a new name that was brought to the table, and he is going to be one that will start being on my watch list. Atkins is around 6'7/6'8 and really flourishes well around the basket.  He does a great job in running the floor, is active all around the glass, and has an intriguing wingspan to go with his frame.  Atkins should be one to monitor and was extremely productive on the court.'

2026 Coby Dillon (Team Loaded WV):

'2026 Coby Dillon (Team Loaded WV) has proven to be one of the better shooters at the event this weekend. Fluid, smooth, confident release from mid-range and behind the arc, as he is making defenses pay.'

'2026 Coby Dillon (Team Loaded WV) is a sharpshooting game manager that carries a heavy responsibility for creating offense with confidence, well-timed decisions and can't be left alone or he'll devise the whole plan of action before your defense is ready.'

2026 Jordan King (Team Charlotte):

'2026 Jordan “JoJo” King (Team Charlotte) earned my attention today. Explosive guard that has no problem putting a defender on a poster.  Excellent in transition and getting downhill, and eager to see how he continues to develop.'

2026 Zamarius Gladden (Carolina Charge):

'2026 Zamarius Gladden (Carolina Charge) is a strong lead guard that likes to get up and down, push the tempo for his team, and also be physical in creating off the dribble.'

'2026 Zamarius Gladden (Carolina Charge) has a definite swiftness in how he works on both sides of the ball, elusive playmaker that sits down and defends the full 94' making guys turn and earn their way across half court.'

2027 Desmond Harrington (Carolina Rebels):

'2027 Desmond Harrington (Carolina Rebels 15U) shows a ton of promise in the early phases of his career. The Cardinal Newman 8th grader could easily pass for a varsity-level player, with a soft touch on the interior to compliment his mature frame.'

2028 Zyion Jones (Team USC):

'Put this young man on your watch list down in SC. 2028 Zyion Jones (Team USC 2028) quickly grabs your attention with his size early on. Moves well, fluid, can operate from multiple areas, soft touch around the basket.'

'2028 Zyion Jones (Team USC 2028) is yet another budding talent in Team USC's line of players that have sparked early intrigue given their physical gifts. Notable length and activity from Jones, will likely translate into a valuable high school asset.'