Phenom Opening Team Game STAND OUT PLAYERS

Phenom Opening Session 1 GM 1; NE Guilford; Court 2;

Early Morning Standouts

Black Ft. Mill Knicks #7 Lucas Heckaman 6'5' ' Super athletic with good bounce on 'O' will dunk on you and on 'D' will pin your shot to the board.

MVP #23 Mason Grigg Good all-around guard with exceptional play making ability and athletic skills offensively and defensively. Post-game, mid-range, and 3 point shot equally superior bounce for a guard.

#4 Ben Burnham 6'5' Swing Forward complete game offensively and rebounds well on both glass. White Team Invasion MVP #5 Jeremy Mull 6' Athletic Combo Guard inside outside game and defends hard

#23 Aamaji Platt 6'3' Strong post moves and can go out to mid-range to 3 pointer. #2 Jordan Jones 5'11' PG

Phenom Opening Session 1 GM 2; NE Guilford; Court 2

Early Morning Standouts

Red Hurricanes MVP #2 Jesse Reaves 5'10' G Athlete super cat quick with nice handles and play making ability. Strong on and off the ball defender with high motor and great basketball IQ.

Blue Team Winston # 12 Jalante Edwards 6'1' G/F good all-around player that plays in the post and on the perimeter. Handles the ball off the rebound and pushes the ball well.

MVP # 14 Tyler Ledwell 5'10' G/F good court vision nice mid-range shot to consistent 3 point shooter and strong layup finisher exceptional court presence on offense and defense.

Phenom Opening Session 1 GM 3; NE Guilford; Court 2

Early Morning Standouts
White NC Heat MVP #24 Deandre Wright 5'10' PG Solid floor general w/ high motor, excellent defender 94 feet {On/Off the ball}. Drive dribble penetrator with good mid-range jumper, he controls the tempo of the game on both ends.

#18 Gavin Hughes 6' complete handles and a defensive stopper and offensive force on the perimeter slashing to the basket and finishing strong.

#3 Jacari Outlaw 6'4' Strong post presence and can handle the ball after rebounding and push the tempo running the floor well on transition 'O' and 'D'.

Black Charlotte Panthers MVP # 44 Sam Snyder 6'6' F/C Very active on the offensive & defensive boards and finishes around the basket with either hand very well. Good perimeter shot from 3 point and midrange. Defensive post presence in the paint.

#18 Parker Brooks 6'2' Solid guard play with good handles sees the floor well and keen passer who sets up his team mates for good shots w/ leading passes. Good on/off the ball help defender.

Phenom Opening Session 1 GM 4; NE Guilford; Court 2

Afternoon Standouts

Black Wilson Elite MVP #13 Jaylen Ward Complimentary guard who plays the game old school style e.g. basic skills with very limited turn overs good ball handler and accurate shot taker/maker, values each possession .
White Carolina Conquerors
MVP #20 Jordan Cooper 5'8' G complete handles and passes well with either hand, w/ a very strong finisher at the basket. Consistent 3point range. Hustles full court defense on the ball and a good rebounder for his guard position,.

#22 David Mosley 5'9' PG Super Athletic strong finisher to the basket with equally strong handles either hand. Floor leader who looks to get his offense generated by his 94 feet ball hawk defender has. Consistent 3-point jumper.

#34 Isiah Blue 6'6' Sound footwork in the post offensively and scores well around the basket.

Phenom Opening Session 1 GM 5; NE Guilford; Court 2

Afternoon Standouts

Black Ft. Mill Knicks #1 Dwight Priest Jr. 6' G Unselfish floor leader who scores at will but prefers to pass to teammates keeping them involved. Strong body that helps him defend end to end, and with his big guard, size finishes at the rim strong.

MVP #23 Mason Grigg has supreme bounce for his size and is deadly from the 3 pointer as well. Hustles every play on both ends of the floor, good on ball defender and willing to help and put his body on the line to take the charge.

Gold Neuse River #2 Jaylen Pulley 6'1' G #10 Alijuan Moore 6'2' Swing forward with unlimited potential athletically. Has a smooth flow to his game and when he develops mentally and physically will be a top high school player.

MVP #1 Zach Matthews 5'9' G Mighty Mouse lightening quick with solid handles and unique passing ability as he sees the floor very well head up and all out all the time'love his effort and play making ability. Stop and pop shooter.

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