Every year in the HoopState there are always a handful of players that breakout on the summer ball circuit.  Last year guys like Caleb Mills (Houston/Asheville Christian) and Kadin Shedrick (Virginia/Holly Springs) saw their recruiting profile grow in an almost unimaginable way.  Here are some potential guys that can see a similar breakout summer with their respective AAU Teams.

#94 6’7 2020 Brady O’Connell: Ravenscroft School/Team Felton

O’Connell is one of the more intriguing prospects in the state of North Carolina regardless of class with his ability to create off the bounce, distribute the ball, and finish above the rim with the best around.  He’s a natural offense initiator and can play up to 4 positions on the court due to his diverse and versatile skillset.  He’s a dangerous weapon in transition which translates to the AAU game really nicely, he can get rebounds, and take it coast to coast, putting it on a defenders head, or using his vision to find a shooter flaring out or another athlete for a lob in transition.  If O’Connell can get in the lab and really add another level of consistency to his perimeter shot, I think O’Connell can garner some offers that bring national attention his way.  He’s playing for Team Felton, an organization that does an incredible job of connecting their athletes with college coaches, I completely expect O’Connell to have a massive summer, leading into a big senior season at Ravenscroft.

#11 5’10 2020 Jalen Cone: Walkertown High School/Team Felton

Jalen Cone is already proven as one of the best volume scorers in the entire country and yesterday was no different as he showed his ability to score over a variety of defenders in a multitude of ways.  Most undersized guards can score, but they don’t do it in an efficient way, that’s not the case with Cone.  He does a great job getting to his spots, and getting great elevation on his jumper, making up for some of the size difference over bigger defenders.  What makes me love Cone so much as a prospect goes far beyond his scoring ability… the kid is a competitor, a leader, and most importantly a winner.  Cone wanted to prove himself as THE best guard in the state of North Carolina regardless of class and did a great job embracing all of the hyped up individual matchups, looking like the most prepared, and competitive player just about every time he stepped on the court on Sunday.  He has offers from schools like Wake Forest and Virginia Tech, but I expect Cone to be recruited at the highest level as one of the best sub 6’0 guards in the country in recent memory.  He’ll be running with O’Connell and Team Felton this year and both should have a major bump in their recruitment.

#29 6’1 2020 Jajuan Carr: Pender High School/WBC Elite

Jajuan Carr is arguably the most underrated player in the State of North Carolina and he does an excellent job showing up in major events when the eyes of scouts and media are on him.  He is an incredibly well rounded point guard that checks nearly all of the boxes it takes to play at the MM+/HM level.  He currently holds an offer from ECU, and they look incredibly smart because there is absolutely no way that Carr doesn’t get 5-10+ offers this summer.  Every Mid Major Coach in the region in need of a Point Guard in the 2020 class should continue to showcase his all around game this summer with WBC Elite.  He’s explosive, can shoot it from distance, and run his team at peak performance levels.  I’m excited to see what he does this spring/summer with WBC Elite, I fully expect college coaches to join me on this one soon.

#72 6’4 2020 Zavian McLean: Village Christian Academy/Team Wall

Zavian McLean was a key part of one of the best Backcourts in Fayetteville at Village Christian before he got injured with recent Western Carolina Signee Travion McCray, but McLean looked back to his normal self on Sunday has one of the best natural off ball guards in NC’s 2020 class.  He’s a natural 3 level scoring lefty that brings a ton of contagious energy on both ends of the court that college coaches will have no choice but to notice as he runs with Team Wall this summer on the Adidas Gauntlet.  He’s extremely explosive around the cup as well, playing with an unprecedented level of fearlessness when attacking.  He’ll have his share of highlight moments this summer, but he’s also fundamentally sound and deserves offers from Mid-Majors within the region in need of a 2-guard.

#98 6’7 2020 Luke Davis: Wesleyan Christian Academy/Team Wall

Davis is one of the more versatile Forward prospects in NC’s 2020 class, showcasing the ability to stuff the stat sheet, and be a generally unique impact guy.  In my opinion, he’s at his best operating in the high post due to his ability to pass, face-up and shoot the mid-range jumper, and break his man down off the bounce, getting to the cup.  He’s really explosive around the rim on both ends, finishing rim rattling dunks, protecting the rim, and rebounding at both ends of the court.  There has been a lot of change in Davis’s basketball career in the last 8 months.  He went from Garner Road to Team ENC 252, South Central to Wesleyan Christian, and the 2019 to the 2020 class.  Now that Davis’s situation is stabilized, he can focus on getting his game ready for the college level, where I think he has a chance to flourish if the right fit presents itself.  He’s another one that should see his offer list increase in a dramatic way this summer.