Team 9

Coach Frank Cantadore

KC Hankton (#107, 6'8)

Hankton has a quick release to his shot, making it tough for any opponent to slow him down. He can also shoot the ball with range, as deep as from the three point mark. He is a long player that can play the wing or post down low in the paint. He showed that he has a great attitude for the game and took any instructions very well. He needs to make sure he doesn't take off any plays but when he goes hard, he is one of the toughest players to defend. He also did an excellent job finishing in transition.

Devon Dotson (#36, 6'2)

Devon only player a game and half at the NC Top 80 but that was enough to showcase his talents. He really controlled the game well, something that he has shown throughout his career. He has smooth handles and an explosive first step on the court. I was really impressed with how he looked to get his teammates involved and how he repeatedly made the extra pass. Which can be a rarity now-a-days in the game of basketball for a point guard. He was an excellent on ball defender as well.

Will Dillard (#35, 6'2)

Will came in late to the event due to the SAT exam but he impressed in the two games he played. His on ball defense was one of the best throughout the camp and can see why he has been known for that skill. Will was able to showcase his talents at getting to the rim and finishing whenever he wants, especially with contact. He finishes better than most prospects do with his ability. Really enjoyed his positive attitude towards the game and his teammates and he proved to be a leader both on and off the court.

Chaz Gwyn (#39, 6'2)

Chaz played solid all throughout the day. He showcased the ability to stretch the defense with his offensive ability, knocking down shots from deep with consistency. He also showed his athleticism on several occasions and finished well in transition when he was able to get out and run. Chaz played with a good motor all day long and defended well in transition. Was really impressed with how he hit the offensive glass as well for his size. Overall, a fantastic event for this young man.

Darien Wynn (#17, 6'0)

Really enjoyed coaching Darien all three games. He played harder than most all throughout the day, never giving up and really hustled all afternoon long, showcasing his high motor. Darien is an excellent on ball defender and did a great job stopping the ball in transition as well. He proved he can get to the basket with his quick first step and also stretched the defense with is ability to knock down the open three point shot.

Strahinja Rajie (#71, 6'4)

Strah did an excellent job of pushing the ball in transition as well as finishing in traffic. He was able to showcase his ability to finish against contact and get out a run, with a high motor. He was a high scorer in Game 1 with 26 points. Strah scored at all three levels, making him difficult for any defender. But he did his best at finishing at the basket. He can get to the basket with left hand when he wants but needs to work on his right to become even more unstoppable.

Audiese Toney (#92, 6'6)

Audiese played all three games with a lot of fire and determination. He was very impressive on the offensive glass with his 6'6 size and had several put backs on bigger players. Audiese has a nice mid-range game and hit several open jumpers when given the chance. He also showed that he more than capable of defending his opponent one-on-one. He showed that he can finish above the rim and transition, while also seeing the floor very well.

Jaylen Sims (6'5, #82)

Jaylen had an excellent day at the camp showcase, doing what he does best. He showed that he can score from all three levels and did it with great efficiency. Jaylen has a smooth shot and proved he can do it with range all day long. Loved the way he took it hard at defenders and really attacked the chest of his opponents, also showing that he can finish tough in the paint and in transition. Jaylen recovered well on defense and had several deflections and blocks.

Jake VanDer Heijeden (#102, 6'7)

Really enjoyed watching this young man play the game all day long, while also showing his great attitude for the game and with his team. He just doesn't take plays off. Jake did a great job defending the low post and he had several blocks on bigger players. He proved that he can score at all three levels but played best from the wing. Really liked his ability to find the ball off the offensive glass and his ability to box out on every possession.

Evan Johnson (#9, 6'0)

Evan plays with such a high motor at all times, both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. He ran the point guard spot most of the day and did a great job pushing the ball up the court. It is hard to believe how experience he plays at that position for such a young man. Evan also proved he can play some off the ball and hit several three's, even if contested. Really liked the way he guard the ball on defense as well.