Team 6

Coach: Brian Clifton

#6: 5'11 '19 David Mosley of Neuse Christian Academy (Raleigh)

Starting things off, we look at a player that made his transition game a priority, especially on the defensive end, David Mosley. He's a lead guard with a solid handle and the ability to cause chaos on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Mosley utilizes his athleticism and strength to penetrate, as that is currently his best tool for success. On the other end, he is very quick and should become a plus defender in time. Next in his development process is improving the consistency on his jumper from all three levels, as it would make him a much more complete offensive player. Coach Clifton on Mosley: 'David is a young player, which will serve him well. He has a great body with the strength and athleticism necessary to play in college. His small stature dictates that he becomes a better playmaker and defender. David has the physical tools but needs to add the mental side of the game.' Mosley is an intriguing prospect and will be one to keep an eye on as he enters the summer season.

#20: 6'1 '18 Greyson Collins of Caldwell Academy (Greensboro)

Next, we look at a player that controls the game on both sides of the ball with his sky-high basketball IQ, Greyson Collins. He's a guard that knows how to create shots for himself and others; his feel for the game is innate, as he reads and breaks down the defense with good timing. Offensively, Collins is a three-level scorer; he can really shoot the ball and once a few fall, watch out for a hot streak. He proved to be tough around the basket, finishing nearly every attempt in the restricted area to go along with a variety of floaters and pull-up jumpers. Next in his development process is improving his ability on the defensive side of the ball; he is a solid defender but still has room to grow. Coach Clifton on Collins: 'Greyson shot lights out during camp; he has an understanding of the game and he's patient enough to get quality shots. He doesn't miss many looks but when he does, he knows how to get the rebound and find an easier shot.' Collins is already a proven scorer, so it comes as no surprise that he averaged 12.3 PPG; he should be a lock to see an uptick in his recruitment as he enters a critical summer season.

#21: 6'1 '18 Jalen Finch of Broughton (Raleigh)

Moving onto a player that displayed the ability to create shots and play within the teams' offense, Jalen Finch. He's a combo guard with solid vision and scoring ability, both off the dribble and catch. Offensively, Finch displays a high IQ, knowing when and how to pick his spots on the floor; he scores well on all three levels and defenses must respect him at all times. On the other end, Finch is a decent all around defender but still has room to grow. Next in his development process is improving the use of his off-hand, as it would allow him to attack a wider variety of angles on the floor. Coach Clifton on Finch: 'Jalen had a solid session; I can tell that he's probably a much better player than he showed but due to the up-and-down nature of camp, as he just never got comfortable. He has solid ball skills and a good understanding of how to play.' We've seen Finch play high-level basketball at Phenom 150 camp, where he demanded double teams throughout; he's worth noting. He'll be one to keep an eye on, as his recruitment should see an uptick this summer.

#43: 6'2 '19 Caleb Mills of Asheville Christian (Arden)

Continuing onto a speedy, high IQ player that is a really intriguing prospect for D1 programs, Caleb Mills. He's a long, wiry guard that can race up and down the floor in a hurry but plays at a nice pace, advancing the ball and consistently making smart decisions with the ball. Offensively, Mills scores well on all three levels and does a terrific job of beating his man off the dribble followed by slicing through the defense on his way towards the rim. He creates and distributes the ball at a high level. Mills is a sharp, quick defender that is capable of causing turnovers both on and off-ball. Next in his development process is continuing to work on the consistency of his perimeter jumper, as it would make him basically unstoppable on offense. Coach Clifton on Mills: 'Caleb could be really good; I'm not sure if camp ball agrees with him. He is a really solid all-around player and understands how to play. Caleb is a good communicator and has a good feel offensively; he will defend but needs prompting at times. He's a good teammate and smart player in all facets.' Mills is already a quality player and is one of the more underrated guards in the state; he simply goes about his business with a Kwahi Leonard-like demeanor. Mills is already drawing interest and offers from a variety of D1 programs, watch for that to continue as he enters summer play.

#61: 6'4 '19 Derek Brandon of New Garden Friends (High Point)

Next, we look at a player that consistently knifed his way into the lane and wreaked havoc inside the paint, Derek Brandon. He's a strong-bodied guard that plays hard-nosed basketball on both sides of the floor, ready and willing to make things happen. Offensively, he's at his best driving towards the rim with a full head of steam, where he proved to be a strong finisher at the basket. On the other end, Brandon works hard and displays quality understanding of how to defend, especially in transition, where he hustles to be the first man back. Next in his development process is improving the consistency of his jumper, as it would add another dimension to his offensive game. Coach Clifton on Brandon: 'Derek is a playmaker who can slash and finish like a small forward. He has good size and athleticism but needs an improved jump shot if he aspires to play at the Division 1 level. Derek is also a willing defender and good rebounder.' Brandon is a solid two-way player that averaged 10 PPG at camp but has the potential to be better, especially with some added work. He displayed a firm understanding of the game and should be one to keep an eye on going forward.

#67: 6'4 '18 Deante Petree of North Forsyth (Winston-Salem)

Moving onto a player that has a high IQ and quality all-around game, Deante Petree. He's a guard that can play on or off-ball, though he thrives with the ball in his hands, as he's able to create with ease. Offensively, Petree is a solid scorer on all three levels, but is so crafty off the dribble that it's beneficial when the ball is in hands. He knows how to create quite well and displays a great understanding for the game, especially when attacking the glass. Petree has shown extended stretches of being a strong defender, both on and off-ball. Next in his development process is learning how to find his shot without the ball, as it would make him a dangerous player even without the ball. Coach Clifton on Petree: 'Deante has good size, athleticism and decent touch from the outside. His decision-making ability will factor greatly in how far he's able to go. Deante can appear indifferent at times defensively but that can change when he applies effort.' Petree is a key cog for North Forsyth and has gotten noticeably better over the last year; he averaged 12 PPG with his play at camp. His recruitment should see an uptick if he continues this level of play into the summer season.

#91: 6'6 '18 Brett Swilling of United Faith (Charlotte)

Continuing onto a player that has the potential to be a dominant two-way presence, Brett Swilling. He's a guard with good size and the ability to play with the ball in his hands and create or off-ball, where he poses a constant threat to score. Offensively, Swilling utilizes his athleticism well, taking opponents off the dribble and finishing strong inside the lane. On the other end, he plays with great effort and has the size to defend multiple positions. His ability to rebound the ball on both ends makes a difference. Next in his development process is to continue working on his jumper, as it would open his offensive game tremendously. Coach Clifton on Swilling: 'Brett is still developing his basketball skills but his size, attitude and athleticism could land him at the Division 1 level. He's strong, smooth and stays within himself in effort to help his team. Brett's work ethic appears to be first rate as well.' Swilling has shown the ability to be a plus on both sides of the ball, especially with some added work to his technical game.

#98: 6'7 '20 Silas Mason of Greensboro Smith (Greensboro)

Next, we look at a player that has an unlimited amount of upside on both sides of the ball, Silas Mason. He's a forward that has the perimeter skills to play outside but the length and size to play around the basket. Offensively, Mason is a walking mismatch; he is a three-level scorer that can break opponents down or rise above them. He is long and uses said length to make plays on both ends of the floor; his IQ and feel for the game are both excellent. Mason rebounds the ball well and is capable of pushing rebounds into fast breaks frequently. Next in his development process is simply continuing to stay in the gym; Mason is going to emerge as a very special player but only he can decide just how good that'll be. Coach Clifton on Mason: 'The sky is the limit for Silas; he already has all that he needs to play at the highest level in college. Silas needs to improve his handle and shot a bit while also showing the desire to be a lockdown defender, as he's capable. Adding that to his natural gifts will make him a blue chip recruit and an impact player as well.' Coach Clifton certainly knows what he's talking about, as Mason is one of the best young talents in North Carolina; he's going to be an increasingly popular prospect among high major coaches sooner than later.

#105: 6'8 '19 Nicholas Evtimov of Mount Tabor (King)

Moving onto a player that controls the game with his low-post presence, on both ends, Nicholas Evtimov. He's a traditional big man that possesses the ability to face-up or back opponents down in the low post. Offensively, he is a very efficient and reliable scorer from the elbows-in; Evtimov displays pristine footwork and demands double teams in the low-post. Evtimov is a mobile big man that is able to run the floor well, but also brutally tough, especially on the glass, relentlessly fighting for rebounds on both sides of the ball. Defensively, his IQ is heightened, as he uses positioning and smart rotations to always be in the right place, at the right time. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his distribution out of the post, as it would make teams scared to double-team him. Coach Clifton on Evtimov: 'Nicholas is solid, simply put; he has a good motor and skill level. His youth benefits him because his size and athleticism don't project him at a high level yet he has all the ability necessary to develop and appears to have the desire as well. Nicholas can shoot it and has a good touch around the basket.' Evtimov is a mature, polished player and will have an exceptionally bright future; he averaged 19 PPG throughout camp. Evtimov has continued to improve and possesses the ability to be a successful Division 1 player.

#118: 6'9 '18 Blake Preston of Charlotte Christian (Charlotte)

Finishing up with an old school type of player, one that simply knows how to play the game of basketball, Blake Preston. He's a true big man that thrives in the low post, high post and in transition, allowing him to get buckets however he pleases. Offensively, Preston is capable of doing it all and can score at will inside the three-point line. He's a patient, solid low-post player that knows how to properly get position and seal off his man. His touch around the basket is deft and his soft hands allow him to corral almost any pass or loose ball necessary. Preston is a very high IQ player and it is evident on the defense end, where he calls out assignments, screens and backdoor cuts regularly. Even when Preston is away from protecting the rim, his vocal leadership still makes a huge impression. Next in his development process is continuing to work on the consistency of his corner three-point shot, as it would make him even more difficult to contain on the offensive end. Coach Clifton on Preston: 'Blake is a very good player that plays the game the right way. He has a good feel for the game and has the tools to play at the Division 1 level. Blake needs to increase the amount of time he spends working with the ball in small spaces as well as catching the ball securely under pressure. His IQ and passion combined with these improvements will aid him in having a very good career.' Preston has become an increasingly sought after prospect in the last six months and will likely have a dozen more offers given another six months.