No. 6 6'0 '18 Justice Goodloe (Winston-Salem Prep)

Justice has excellent quickness and an overall high basketball IQ. We have always been impressed with his court vision and passing ability and the NC Top 80 was no exception. Coach Mills stated, 'Love the pace he brings to the game. He's not a traditional PG but is a speedster that has infectious energy.' In addition, Justice plays with maturity and poise for his age/grade and is a low risk high return player. With Justice, you can always except effort and energy he brings to each game.

No. 15 6'1 '17 Carter Collins (East Chapel Hill HS)

Carter has excellent length and tremendous bounce off the dribble. While Carter has the ability to score from all three levels on the court, he also impressed us with his court vision and timely passes especially ones off the dribble. He has the unique ability to make the pitch ahead pass and that seems to always be on time and on point. Coach Mills stated, 'Carter has a very fundamentally sound game. He has a nice frame with good length along with excellent lateral quickness.' In addition, Carter has a quiet on court demeanor and plays within the team structure.

No. 25 6'2 '19 Nick Brown (Westchester Academy)

Nick Brown is a young and promising PG that has the ability to knock down shots especially from the 3-point line. Only a freshman, Nick has a nice blend of skill, basketball IQ and matching athleticism that makes him such an intriguing young prospect. Coach Mills stated, 'Nick is a really good ball handler, see the floor and has a beautiful step back jumper.' In addition, we were impressed with his court vision and passing ability. More importantly, he knows how to balance out being effective as a scorer and getting his teammates involved in the offense. Without question, Nick has great upside and could be one of the big sleepers in his class.

No. 26 6'2 18 Josh Cottrell (Hayesville HS)

When watching Josh Cottrell play, he reminds us of a high school version of former Ohio State star Aaron Craft. Josh is the ultimate team player. He is a passer friendly PG that has excellent court vision, but has the ability to knock down perimeter shots especially the 3-pointer. Coach Mills stated, 'Josh is a playmaker and makes everyone on the floor better.' Outside of his advanced offensive skill set, we are equally impressed with his defensive toughness. He plays hard, gritty man-to-man defense and deceptive lateral quickness. Josh is the type of player that rarely makes mistakes on the court, as he is definitely a low risk, high return player.

No. 34 6'3 '18 MJ Armstrong (Gaston Day)

MJ has an excellent frame along with athleticism and a matching skill set. He has been on our radar for the past two years and his improvement each year has been impressive. Coach Mills stated, 'MJ is a good ball handler and the court well, plus can really run the floor. He has excellent shooting range out to 20 feet.' In addition, MJ has tremendous ball quickness and is always impossible to stop in transition. He has the athleticism, quickness, and open court speed that are envied by many college coaches. MJ could be on the verge of a big breakout season during the spring/summer.

No. 36 6'3 '17 Blake Harris (Word of God)

Blake Harris may be one of the more skillful passers in this class in the entire country. He has unbelievable court vision and tremendous passing skills. HE simply sees the play one to two steps ahead of everyone else. Coach Mills stated, 'Confidence is Blake's calling card as he both wants and demands the ball in pressure situations. He is an assassin that has the full package of offensive weapons. Blake is a great playmaker with outstanding court vision and passing skills.' In the next step in his development is become more patience and allow the recruiting process happen organically.

No. 56 6'5 '17 Connor Crabtree (Orange HS)

Conner is another player we strongly think is underrated and under valued as a collegiate prospect. Coach Mills stated it best 'Connor is a physical multiple position defender that can keep the ball/opposing player in front of him. He has good foot speed and has the unique and uncanny ability to draw charges, which is absolutely unseen in exposure camp settings. More importantly, Connor has an all business like approach to the game that will make him an instant favorite of collegiate coaches. In addition, Connor is a good rebounder that can also push the ball in transition.

No. 66 6'7 '17 Moses Wright (Enloe)

Moses absolutely had a strong March with the events sponsored by the Phenom Hoop Report. He has tremendous length and unique ability to run the court extremely well. Coach Mills stated, 'Moses is an excellent athlete that has a good skill set. He can rebound and push the ball in transition and can grab a rebound and go coast to coast.' In addition, Moses has the ability to score from all three levels on the court and has the ability to score off the bounce with spin moves along with plays in heavy traffic in the paint. He has great versatility and mobility for his size/position and could be sleeper in his class.

No. 95 6'8 '17 Andre Toure' (Quality Education)

Andre already has a college ready frame and his size/length are most definitely his most obvious assets. In addition, he has passer friendly hands and crafty footwork in the paint. We were impressed with his ability to pass out of the low post area and re-establish low point position. More importantly, he showed tremendous patience and rarely forced shots when he got touches in the paint. Coach Mills stated, 'Andre's footwork for a guy his size is amazing. This gives him outstanding agility and mobility to cover the court. ' While he enjoyed with outstanding attributes on the offensive end of the court, we were most impressed with his timing and shot blocking ability.

No. 96 6'9 '17 Jack Hemphill (Raleigh Broughton)

Jack has seen an enormous rise in his stock and rightfully so. We are talking about an imposing physical presence that combines size, length, and as imposing frame. Coach Mills stated, ' Jack is a walking double double that was good for 12 points and 16 rebounds in every camp game.' More importantly, Jack is no stranger to hard work and maximum his ability. He has a blue-collar work ethic and plays with high intensity on both ends of the court. His relentless motor on both ends of the court did not go unnoticed and we should see his stock continue to climb.