Team 5

Coach: Donald Kirby

#5:'5'11 '20 Creighton Lebo of JH Rose (Greenville)

Starting things off, we look at a player that earned his spot through a team-first attitude, Creighton Lebo. He's a lead guard that plays with a high motor, not afraid to get on the floor and make winning plays whenever possible. Offensively, Lebo is a decent scorer from all three levels but is at his best when penetrating or pulling up from the elbows. He looks to create for others whenever possible and proved to be a terrific teammate throughout camp. On the other end, Lebo's effort level and positioning make up for any athleticism he lacks, which makes him an overall solid defender. Next in his development process is extending the range on his jumper; his midrange shot is quite reliable, if his three-point shot could be as consistent, watch out. Coach Kirby on Lebo: 'Creighton is a really hard worker with a terrific attitude. He's a good midrange shooter than constantly hustles and displays enthusiasm for the game. Creighton needs to continue working on his fundamentals and overall strength, as it would help him on both sides of the ball.' Lebo played with true grit throughout camp and will be one to keep an eye on as he enters summer play.

#30:'6'1 '19 John Michael Wright of Fayetteville Academy (Fayetteville)

Next, we look at a player that was a massive asset for his team through shot distribution, John Michael Wright. He's a lead guard that thrives on creating for others, able to pinpoint his guys at all times while rarely turning it over. Offensively, he displays a tight handle and the innate ability to slither his way through the defense towards the rim. He runs the pick and roll well, knowing when to pass versus when to take it himself (he's proficient at both). Defensively, Wright relies on his sharp quickness and IQ to hang with opposing guards, both on and off-ball. Next in his development process is continuing to work on the consistency of his perimeter jumper, as it would make him a very dangerous threat offensively. Coach Kirby on Wright: 'John Michael is a point guard through and through. He's able to create shots for teammates really well off the dribble with his great court vision. His quickness and footwork will continue to make him a quality defender. Continue working on moving without the ball, it would allow him to slide off-ball or play as the secondary ball handler.' Wright proved his worth as a point guard and teammate throughout camp, both on and off the court.

#44:'6'2 '19 Myles Pierre of Carmel Christian (Charlotte)

Moving onto a player that controls the game with athleticism and his defensive-minded approach, Myles Pierre. He's a wing with a high motor, frequently causing havoc for the opponent, especially on the glass. Offensively, Pierre is at his best when penetrating to the rim, as he's able to rise up and finish over most guys with a finish or pull-up jumper. On the other end, he's quite a strong defender that can mirror his assignment, not allowing an inch of airspace to operate. Pierre attacks the boards with purpose on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is improving the consistency of his perimeter game, as a reliable three-point shot would expand his overall offensive ability. Coach Kirby on Pierre: 'Myles is a tough, young prospect. He shows no fear on either end of the floor and attacks opponents on the defensive end. I loved his work defensively and on the glass. He needs to slow down and allow the game to come to him; improved vision would pay out huge dividends.' Pierre is coming off a quality sophomore season, but there is still room for his game to grow. We will be watching for him to make a leap this coming summer.

#54:'6'3 '19 Marten Maide of Carmel Christian (Charlotte)

Continuing onto one of the best two-way players at camp, frequently making his presence known at all times, Marten Maide. He's an off-guard with a ton of grittiness, refusing to back down from any assignment on either end of the floor. Offensively, Maide is a three-level scorer that loves to shoot the three-pointer and rightfully so, as he doesn't seem to miss many. He plays within the teams' offense and can heat up in a hurry. Simply put, Maide is as tough as they come; when you factor in his motor, strength and speed, you have a guy that is very difficult to contain. Defensively, he uses his underrated quickness and IQ to stick to opposing guards like glue; he has the ability to lockdown two or three positions well. Next in his development process is tightening up his handle; he's a nice distributor, but an improved handle would allow him to create a wide variety of looks. Coach Kirby on Maide: 'Marten is a terrific shooter but will be even better once he improves on moving without the ball. He perked up in our final game and showed an extended stretch of how good he can be. Going forward, Marten needs to be ready to pull the shot when he's open.' Maide was one of the biggest impact players at camp, averaging 18.7 PPG and getting whatever he wanted on both ends of the floor. Watch for this one to emerge as a high major prospect going forward since he has all the necessary tools to do so.

#66:'6'4 '18 Trey Murphy of Cary Academy (Durham)

Next, we look at a player that was equipped with a flamethrower throughout camp, hitting everything from three-point territory, Trey Murphy. He's a long wing that can flat out shoot the ball and if he's left open, count it. Offensively, Murphy spaces the floor really well, displays a high IQ and is a three-level scorer; his ceiling on that end of the floor is infinite. He canned 21 three-pointers in just a trio of games, making it easy to understand how he averaged 23.7 PPG (second among all players). Murphy sees the floor well and constantly improving on the defensive end, where he uses his length effectively, but still has plenty of room to grow. Next in his development process is tightening his handle, as it would allow him to penetrate and score around the basket much more efficiently. Coach Kirby on Murphy: 'Trey is a phenomenal shooter that I thoroughly enjoyed watching play. He would benefit from getting stronger and improving his ball handling abilities. Trey will be a very nice player at the next level.' Murphy's per-game average of seven three-pointers was as eye-popping in person as it reads on paper; he has a chance to be special at the next level.

#76:'6'5 '18 Yancey Hairston of North Mecklenburg (Charlotte)

Moving onto a player that can control the game inside the elbows on both sides of the ball, Yancey Hairston. He's a forward with a strong upper body and the ability to operate around the elbows. Offensively, Hairston typically starts in the high post, where he's able to face-up and find a clean look within two dribbles; he's tough and finishes really well at the rim. There are times when he is the best rebounder on the floor, as he relentlessly attacks the glass on both ends of the ball. Hairston is a good athlete and defender, able to cover multiple positions; he shows no concern when switched onto smaller guards and holds his own against big men. Next in his development process is to continue working on his passing ability; he creates well for himself and others, but improved vision would help him be a more complete offensive player. Coach Kirby on Hairston: 'Yancey is a hard-nosed player. He doesn't necessarily have a position but he's somewhat of a tweener right now. Yancey has a high motor and scores well within 15 feet, can improve on the use of his off-hand.' Hairston was a key player on his high school team, not afraid to get his hands dirty on either side of the ball, and that's what'll make him attractive to college coaches.

#78:'6'5 '18 Jordan Love of Voyager (Durham)

Continuing onto a player that has the all-around ability to be one of the best prospects from this camp, Jordan Love. He's a long wing that could certainly continue growing, but right now has a fantastic two-way game. Offensively, Love scores on all three levels quite well and is a quality athlete, able to shoot the ball from anywhere or rise up for a thunderous dunk in traffic. He finishes nearly everything around the basket and looks to post up smaller players whenever possible. Love's high IQ and versatility is easily noticeable on the defensive end, where he causes problems regularly for opponents, especially given his length. Next in his development process is to utilize his off-hand more often, as it would allow him to attack both sides of the floor equally, opening his offensive game. Coach Kirby on Love: 'Jordan is a player with great athleticism and an overall smooth game. He finishes really well around the rim but could benefit from having a go-to move when backing down opponents. Jordan hits shots from all over the floor but needs to become more consistent with his perimeter shot. As Jordan gets more offensive responsibility, it would be wise to sharpen his ball handling, as it'll become an asset for him down the road.' Love averaged 15 PPG and put the full arsenal on display; he makes winning plays each time he puts on a uniform. Love has the potential to be a high major player, especially if he continues to add to his game.

#104:'6'8 '18 Chris Clayton of Asheville Christian (Marion)

Next, we look at a player that is relentless on both sides of the ball, hitting the glass and maintaining a high motor, Chris Clayton. He's a power forward that does the little things, making winning and hustle plays whenever possible. Offensively, Clayton is really effective from the elbows-in and is looking to rip the rim off whenever he can. He fools opponents, as most anticipate a non-athletic player'Clayton proves them wrong with such explosiveness and body control around the rim. On the defensive end, he works extremely hard and displays nice footwork; his ability to fly and rebound the ball really benefits any team he's on. Next in his development process is polishing his jumper beyond midrange, not that he needs a knockdown jump shot, but it would open his offensive game tremendously. Coach Kirby on Clayton: 'Chris is a very good overall player, able to affect the game on both ends of the floor. Going forward he should look to develop his off hand and general ball handling skills, as it would allow him to create and attack easier. Chris is an interesting prospect and should earn his way to a scholarship.' Clayton is a fan favorite due to his dunk package that will leave spectators in awe with their jaws on the floor. Keep an eye on him going forward, as he will continue to turn heads through his play.

#120:'6'10 '19 Deandre Wilkins of Wesleyan Christian (Edenton)

Finishing up with a player that can dominate both ends of the basketball floor with his size alone, Deandre Wilkins. He's a big man with limitless upside, especially with a few additions to his game. Offensively, Wilkins is a classic back-to-basket big man, looking to catch the ball on the low block and back his man down; he's a strong screen-setter and shows flashes of being a quality rim diver on pick and rolls. Wilkins is only a sophomore, yet he possesses the body of a grown man, his polish and coordination will naturally get better, but the right tools are in place. He is a solid two-handed rebounder, though he can be stronger with improved boxouts. Next in his development process is developing a go-to move, as it would make him a stronger two-way player. Coach Kirby on Wilkins: 'Deandre is a strong, big man that gets great position on the low block and knows how to use his body against opposing post players. I enjoyed working with him, needs to continue working on footwork and agility, jumping rope daily would help in both areas. Has the potential to be a really good player.' Only time will tell if Wilkins can emerge as a dominant player for the next level, but the tools are certainly in place.

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