Team 4

Coach: Kelvin Mills

#19:'6'1 '18 Chris Barnette of Ravenscroft (Raleigh)

Starting things off, we look at a player that has gone under the radar for far too long, Chris Barnette. He's an incredibly tough lead guard who makes plays for the team and constantly leads by example, both on and off the floor. Offensively, Barnette is a three-level scorer; he gets points within the teams' offense and uses his high IQ very well, able to create clean looks easily. Barnette can be overlooked athletically, and though he's not an explosive leaper, he is lightning quick with or without the ball. On the defensive side, he does a terrific job mirroring his opponents on and off-ball, never allowing an inch of space. Next in his development process is continuing to work on all facets of his game, as he is already a quality all-around player and will be coveted sooner than later. Coach Mills on Barnette: 'Chris is a highly intelligent point guard that looks to get his teammates involved. He can create for himself or others and does so quite often, will be a great player at the next level with continued work.' Barnette has been on the Phenom radar for some time, and it's easy to see why, as he's a coaches' dream that does all the little things and never hesitates.

#22:'6'1 '18 Justice Goodloe of Winston-Salem Prep (Winston-Salem)

Next, we look at a player that has the potential to be a dynamic two-way piece at the next level, Justice Goodloe. He's a lead guard that annihilates opponents with his speed and quickness, able to get in the lane whenever he wants. Offensively, Goodloe is a three-level scorer with high IQ, which allows him to create for himself or others quite easily. On the other end, he is a solid all-around defender but has the ability to be better with considering his terrific athleticism and IQ combination. Next in his development process is to improve his rebounding, as it would force opponents to eye him at all times. Coach Mills on Goodloe: 'Justice is a tough all-around player that knows how to help the team. He gets what he wants on the offensive end and can really heat up quick. There's no doubt that he will be a productive player at the next level, especially if he continues to put in work.' He averaged 10 PPG during camp. Goodloe has been on the rise over the last year and will continue to be an impressive prospect that college coaches will covet sooner than later.

#29:'6'1 '19 Daivien Williamson of Winston-Salem Prep (Winston-Salem)

Moving onto a player that already displays such an incredible feel for the game, Daivien Williamson. He's a guard that can play with or without the ball, as his shooting ability allows him to seamlessly slide off-ball. Offensively, he's a three-level scorer that creates and distributes frequently, looking to make the smart basketball play above all else. On the other end, Williamson plays with such poise, showcasing a high IQ and quick feet, allowing him to mirror opponents quite well. Next in his development process is continuing to add toughness, as it would simply make him uncontainable on the offensive end. Coach Mills on Williamson: 'Daivien was impressive throughout camp, especially with his team-first mindset. He's a good offensive player and solid defensive presence, getting vocal whenever necessary. Daivien has a high IQ and encourages his teammates on and off the floor, should make a college program very happy.' He gets what he wants offensively, making it no surprise that he averaged 17 PPG during camp. Williamson is the type of player willing to do the little things to make his team more successful; he can contribute to any team on either end of the floor. He is one to keep an eye on as he enters summer play.

#32:'6'2 '20 Christian Hampton of Northwest Guilford (Greensboro)

Continuing onto a player that has loads of potential with huge chance to become a phenomenal two-way player, Christian Hampton. He's a wing that can defend two to three positions quite comfortably; his explosive athleticism and motor allow him to contribute at all times, on both sides of the floor. Offensively, Hampton is still growing, but right now he does the dirty work: crashing the glass, cutting off ball, saving possessions with hustle. However, if he gets into the open court, watch for Hampton to bite the rim. On the defensive end, he has proven to be an asset [right now] and has the potential to be a true lockdown defender. Hampton uses his quickness and speed extremely well, allowing him to force opponents into making bad decisions. Next in his development process is expanding his offensive game, as improved ball handling or a reliable jump shot would certainly open the game for young Hampton. Coach Mills on Hampton: 'Christian is a young player that constantly put the team first. He plays with a high motor and makes hustle plays whenever possible. He is a handful in the open court but needs to sharpen his skills in the half court. Christian is a really athletic player and will be unstoppable if he can add a consistent jumper.' Hampton will continue to turn heads with his next-level athleticism, but once he improves, those heads will belong to college coaches.

#45:'6'2 '18 Vaud Worthy of North Mecklenburg (Huntersville)

Next, we look at a player that doesn't necessarily need to score in order to affect the game, Vaud Worthy. He's a strong lead guard that prides himself on being a quality ball distributor and teammate. Most players are all about point totals but Worthy sees the game differently; he knows how to read and breakdown opposing defenses really well. While he doesn't have a great perimeter shot, Worthy can muscle his way to the rim pretty often and finishes at a high rate around the basket. Defensively, Worthy uses his long arms and strength to swipe the ball from opponents, leading the fast break time after time. Next in his development process is improving his perimeter jumper, as it would open up his offensive game tremendously and would force opponents to gamble more often. Coach Mills on Worthy: 'Vaud is a very intriguing player that loves to create for teammates. He was among our best distributors on the team and showed great poise on both sides of the ball. Vaud rebounded well and looked to push the ball in transition whenever possible.' Worthy should see a rise in his stock and, as he enters a critical summer season, watch for him to make another leap.

#53:'6'3 '19 Talton Jones of Trinity Christian (Fayetteville)

Moving onto a player that can control the game with his next-level defensive abilities, Talton Jones. He's a long lead guard that puts winning and his teams' success ahead of everything else on the agenda. Offensively, he is best suited with the ball in his hands, as he is able to penetrate and create looks for the team easily. Jones sees the floor extremely well and is always looking to make the right pass; he has great vision that will translate at the next level. Defensively, he is a dog, constantly harassing opponents on and off-ball. Jones uses his long arms to tally deflections quite often. Next in his development process expanding his offensive game, as a reliable three-point shot would make him a two-way nightmare for opposing guards. Coach Mills on Jones: 'Talton is a talented player that has loads of potential. He consistently gets teammates involved and finishes strong around the basket. Talton does the little things, especially on the defensive end, where he proved to be a lockdown defender. As he continues to polish his game, watch for him to become a really nice player.' Jones has already shown his ability to be a key cog for a really successful Trinity Christian team and can mesh with any collection of players due to his defensive strengths.

#77:'6'5 '18 Anthony Hicks of North Forsyth (Winston-Salem)

Continuing onto a player that is already productive with considerable two-way upside, Anthony Hicks. He's a guard that actually looks most comfortable with the ball in his hands, creating for others and slicing his way into the lane. Offensively, he is a matchup problem for opponents, able to use his length and size to get where he wants on the floor. Hicks displays an incredibly high IQ and knows how to find his teammates at the best possible opportunity. He has proven to be a quality all-around defender, especially given all his physical tools, but has the potential to be a true stopper. Next in his development process is to continuing working on his perimeter jump shot, as it would allow him to be a dominant offensive player. Coach Mills on Hicks: 'Anthony is a very intriguing player that has the potential to be special. He is able to affect the game on both sides of the floor with his IQ and length. Anthony is not the greatest athlete but his size often makes up for that. If he continues to work on his game, watch for him to become a terrific player.' Hicks is already an interesting piece that belongs at the D1 level. The more he adds to his game, the more he will turn heads.

#79:'6'5 '18 John Newman of Greensboro Day (Greensboro)

Next, we look at a player that can control the game with his defensive abilities and is among the best defensive players in the country, John Newman. He's a wing that doubles as a two-way beast; he has been known to get a steal and finish the fast break with a head-turning dunk. Offensively, Newman loves to attack the rim but also has shown off an improved jumper; he is quite consistent around the elbows and shoots the corner three fairly well. On the other end, Newman is a true lockdown defender with great size and quickness. He is terrific on and off-ball, able to accumulate steals with his phenomenal anticipation skills. Next in his development process is working on his three-point consistency, as he would be one of the best two-way players in the class. Coach Mills on Newman: 'John was one of the best players on this team and made his presence felt on both ends of the floor. He dogged opponents at all times and displayed a team-first attitude. John plays with a high spirit and IQ, he knows how to encourage teammates. He's a great two-way player and will only get better with time.' He averaged 14.3 PPG during camp. Newman has already proven to be a key asset on one of the best teams in the country at Greensboro Day School. He's already a highly coveted player but will only continue to impress as he heads into summer play.

#85:'6'9 '18 Jack Hemphill of Ravenscroft (Raleigh)

Moving onto a player that can affect multiple facets of the game and still has room to grow, Jack Hemphill. He's a big man with high IQ and so much to offer a team on both sides of the ball, especially as he continues to expand his range. Offensively, Hemphill can thrive out of the low and high post, though he prefers to face-up and has shown to be very consistent around the elbows. However, he's really strong and able to work opponents in the low post as well. His understanding for the game is terrific and he already knows how to operate within a team setting. On the defensive end, Hemphill uses meticulous footwork and strength to get where he wants; he anchors the unit and knows how to be vocal. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his arsenal of moves from the low post, as it would make him an offensive machine that could score against anyone. Coach Mills on Hemphill: 'Jack is a reliable two-way center that rebounds the ball really well. His scoring ability is underrated but he shot the ball exceptionally well throughout camp, playing like he had something to prove. Jack shows off nice touch around the basket, though I would love to see him post up more.' Hemphill averaged 19.3 PPG during camp and put the full arsenal on display, showing his scoring chops from all over the floor, even from three-point land. It will be interesting to watch Hemphill this summer, bet on him to have a breakout season.

#113:'6'8 '18 Hunter Tyson of Piedmont (Monroe)

Finishing up with a player whose recruiting buzz has skyrocketed over the last year and will only continue to trend upward, Hunter Tyson. Right now, he's somewhat of a positionless player. Tyson has the shooting, ball handling and playmaking ability of a guard but stands at six-foot-eight and can simply demolish a wide array of opponents on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he's a matchup nightmare. Tyson is three-level scorer, armed with a smooth jumper and high IQ; he can score whenever he wants, simply put. On the defensive end, he uses his length and positioning effectively, allowing him to consistently force turnovers. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as he may not be done growing and a head start on filling out his frame would be beneficial. Coach Mills on Tyson: 'Hunter is a long, skilled basketball player. He has a high IQ and feel for the game, easy to see on either end of the floor. He has loads of potential and should be watched going forward.' He averaged 15.3 PPG during camp. Tyson is so versatile and malleable for any lineup, which is one of the many reasons he'll have college coaches lining up to offer him a scholarship.

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