Team 3

Coach: Ron Johnson

#3:'5'10 '19 Kojack Thompson of Christ School (Mauldin)

Starting things off, we look at a player that simply dominates play on both ends of the floor with blinding quickness, Kojack Thompson. He's a lead guard that catches opponents sleeping constantly, whether it's blowing by them off the dribble or ripping their handle and pushing the break. Offensively, Thompson is really well-rounded, able to play far bigger than his size would implicate; he is a three-level scorer that creates nicely for teammates whenever possible. On the other end, you'll find Thompson being a pesky defender hanging with opponents step for step. The combination of his high IQ and quickness is a huge benefit to both the team and his individual play. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his finishing ability; Thompson gets into the lane whenever he pleases, so once he's able to consistently finish the play, watch out. Coach Johnson on Thompson: 'Kojack is a super quick, solid lead guard. He's a smart player who gets other involved and is very difficult for defenders to keep out of the lane. His size may limit his defensive ability against bigger guards, though he doesn't back down. Kojack is a good shooter that opponents must guard out to the three-point line.' Thompson has already vaulted himself into a key role at Christ School, so he will certainly be one to keep an eye on, especially since he's only a sophomore.

#23:'6'1 '19 Keyshaun Langley of Southwest Guilford (High Point)

Next, we look at another incredibly quick player that forces defenses to scramble and collapse, Keyshaun Langley. He's a lead guard that knows how to play the game and appeared at camp fresh off a state championship victory. Offensively, Langley is a three-level scorer that loves to burn opponents off the dribble and pull-up in the lane. He creates and distributes well for teammates, opening up countless shots with his penetration ability. Defensively, Langley shines, as he dares opponents to try and take him off the dribble, which results in a steal majority of the time. Next in his development process is to work on his rebounding ability, as it would allow him to grab the ball and take off onto a fast break. Coach Johnson on Langley: 'Keyshaun is a very quick point guard that can also score the ball; he's a good shooter beyond the three-point line and is capable of getting into the lane, drawing defenders and making plays. He makes things happen offensively. Keyshaun's quickness and athleticism allow him to put great pressure on the ball defensively.' The Virginia Tech commit averaged 17 PPG during camp and looked like he could've played another state championship that day. It'll be interesting to see how Langley builds on his game going forward, certainly one worth watching.

#28:'6'1 '21 Carter Whitt of Trinity Academy (Raleigh)

Moving onto a player that turned heads with his sky-high IQ and incredible feel for the game at such a young age, Carter Whitt. He's a lead guard who is simply a magician with the ball in his hands, truly a show worth watching. Offensively, Whitt is mesmerizing, able to create and attack nonexistent angles regularly, creating countless opportunities for teammates. He's a three-level scorer that can lull opponents off the dribble and make an unthinkable pass, which leads to an assist nearly every time. On the other end, Whitt showcases his IQ through sharp off-ball defense and anticipation on steals. Next in his development process is improving his ability to guard the ball, as it would make him dominant on both sides of the ball. Coach Johnson on Whitt: 'Carter is a young, talented point guard with a bright future. He's a very skilled player that is really crafty, a good shooter and passer. Carter sees the floor extremely well and makes great decision in transition on the offensive end. He will become a better on-ball defender with experience and added strength.' Whitt is already a very polished prospect and will draw the attention of every college program in the country, especially as he continues to grow. He averaged 10.3 PPG and proved that he belonged at camp by his promising showing.

#41:'6'2 '18 David Kasanganay of Ardrey Kell (Charlotte)

Continuing onto a player whose athleticism and high motor played a huge part in his teams' success, David Kasanganay. He's a guard that can play with or without the ball, though he is a bigger asset off-ball, where he moves well and finds open space. Offensively, Kasanganay poses a huge threat when getting to the basket and finishing strong; he's quick and has a sharp first step that commonly leads to baskets. On the other end, he proved to be a terrific defender and among the best on his team, as he's able to mirror his opponent extremely well, both on and off-ball. Next in his development process is to continue working on the consistency of his jumper, as it would make him an increasingly difficult player to contain on the offensive end. Coach Johnson on Kasanganay: 'David is an athletic, high energy combo guard with a great motor! He was a great on-ball defender throughout camp; he's very quick with the ball and bouncy around the rim. David is a good passer with a team-first attitude. With a more consistent perimeter jumper, he would see his recruitment jump up a level; he's a super kid.' Kasanganay is the type of player that every coach wants in his rotation, as his ability to affect the game in ways without scoring is enticing.

#52:'6'3 '19 Donavon Gregory of Camel Christian (Charlotte)

Next, we look at a player that controls both sides of the ball with his gritty, hard-nosed approach to the game, Donavon Gregory. He's an off-guard that is able to handle the ball in a pinch, especially in transition, where he consistently displays great decision-making. Offensively, Gregory is a three-level scorer that is so brutally strong and athletic, getting to the rim and finishing is an easy task. On the other end of the floor, Gregory poses difficulty for opponents since he's both quick and strong. In addition, he displays a high IQ and nice positioning on the defensive end. Next in his development process is to continuing staying active on the offensive end without the ball, as his scoring ability would be heightened whenever he finds open space. Coach Johnson on Gregory: 'Donavon is a strong, athletic wing player that is very physical and plays through contact at the rim. He's a good shooter out to the three-point line and is a scorer on three levels. Donavon should continue to work on keeping his handle tight, as it can get high and wide sometimes.' Gregory averaged 12.7 PPG during camp and he will only get better as time passes. It's hard to remember how young he is because his physique and IQ are more mature than most guys his age.

#69:'6'4 '18 Isaiah Wilkins of Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem)

Moving onto a player that had one of the best 'in-between' scoring abilities on display at camp, Isaiah Wilkins. He's a wing that has the ability to play either off-guard or small forward quite well on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Wilkins is wired to score; he's a three-level scorer with a smooth shot and the ability to heat up incredibly fast. Opposing defenses must respect Wilkins whenever he touches the ball or he will make them pay. Wilkins is a solid defender with a big body and high IQ, but he has the potential to be even better. Next in his development process is getting more aggressive on the defensive end, as it would make him a two-way force. Coach Johnson on Wilkins: 'Isaiah is a physical perimeter scorer! He possesses a strong body that he uses to get looks off the dribble. Isaiah can knock down the three, midrange shot, or get to the rim whenever he wants. He should continue to work on his lateral quickness to be more effective defensively and versus quicker players.' Wilkins averaged 18.3 PPG during camp. He is already a machine and as he continues to hone his ability on both ends, watch for him to become an extremely dangerous player.

#75:'6'5 '18 Makiah Fox of The Burlington School (Liberty)

Continuing onto a player that prides himself on tough, hard-nosed basketball while maintaining a team-first attitude, Makiah Fox. He's a forward that possesses a strong body and a high IQ, able to cause a variety of problems for opponents. Offensively, Fox is a three-level scorer, though he prefers shooting the jumper over taking it to the rim; he stretches the floor really well, especially when slotted as the power forward. On the other end of the floor, he is able to guard either forward spot quite nicely, as he is comfortable on the perimeter or near the basket. Next in his development process is improving the use of his off-hand; it would allow him to attack more angles on the offensive end, leading to easy baskets near the rim. Coach Johnson on Fox: 'Makiah is a lefty with three-point range; he's very good at the catch and shoot, proved to be an excellent rebounder for his size. He's a bit of a tweener that should add quickness to play the wing or size to play down low. Either way, Makiah is a very useful player and would be a steal at the right level.' Fox averaged 16.3 PPG during camp. He had a nice showing throughout camp and was a key component on his state championship winning high school team, The Burlington School. Keep your eye on him as he enters a critical summer season.

#96:'6'7 '19 Greg Gantt of Trinity Christian (Fayetteville)

Next, we look at a player whose high motor and versatility immediately makes him a key piece on any team, Greg Gantt. He's a power forward that can guard two to three positions really comfortably. Offensively, Gantt is able to score anything around the basket and does a phenomenal job moving without the ball to open up holes in the defense. He's inch for inch one of the best rebounders in the state and always poses the threat for a putback slam. Defensively, he is very smart, versatile and able to vocally anchor a team; he stays accountable, calling out assignments and preparing for his rotation. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his perimeter skills (jump shot, ball handling), as it would allow him to slide over and play on the wing, causing even more matchup problems for opponents. Coach Johnson on Gantt: 'Greg is an athletic rebounding machine, especially on the offensive glass. He plays with an extremely high motor and displayed strong finishes around the basket. Once he develops a consistent perimeter jump shot, he will be a great player at the division one level that could play the 3 or 4.' Gantt isn't going to drop thirty points any given night, but he will outwork everyone else on the floor while making you say 'wow' at his athletic gifts. Watch for Gantt to continue to grow; he's only a sophomore and has already showcased the consistent ability to be a high-level player.

#101:'6'7 '20 Day'ron Sharpe of South Central (Greenville)

Moving onto a player that will become an increasingly popular name over the next three years, Day'ron Sharpe. He's a big man that fits perfectly at the four (right now, given his size) but has the potential to grow into a center. Offensively, Sharpe is a paint-getter and glass-eater; he leaves zero doubt about his ability to score around the basket. He displays great rebounding position on both ends of the floor, relentlessly fighting down low for every possession. On the defensive end, Sharpe is solid, but has the potential to be far better, especially if he becomes quicker. Next in his development process is to work on staying active without the ball, as better positioning would open up easy looks for him down low. Coach Johnson on Sharpe: 'Day'ron is a young player with tremendous upside. He's a big-bodied post player that thrives in the pick-and-roll sets while also showing the ability to knock down the three-pointer. Day'ron can get slow-footed away from the rim at times, but he should certainly be able to tweak that.' Sharpe already brings countless levels of intrigue to everyone watching him, but he will only continue to improve. He will certainly remain on our radar, as he projects to be a high-level talent.

#119:'6'9 '18 Nate Springs of Myers Park (Charlotte)

Finishing up with a player that has a ton of potential with his ability to affect the game inside and outside the arc, Nate Springs. He's a forward with great length, which he can use on both sides of the ball whenever possible. Offensively, Springs has shown three-level scoring chops; he loves to spot-up on the perimeter and shoot the three-pointer. His length allows him to grab rebounds and rise over opponents quite easily. On the other end, he is a decent defender that is strong on weak-side rotations or any situation that allows for his long arms to be a factor. Next in his development process is utilizing his length around the basket; once he begins posting up opponents, look for a big jump in his efficiency. Coach Johnson on Springs: 'Nate is a thin, long-armed post player that showed the ability to knock down the open three-pointer. He can be a stretch four if he improves his ball handling and foot speed. Once Nate gets stronger and wants to post up, he should become a more effective player.' Springs has all the tools necessary to become a high major prospect, it's all about how he grinds over the next year.

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