No. 3 5'10 '17 Madison Cone (East Forsyth)

Madison is a strong and athletic PG that makes his team better. He plays with a high motor and gives maximum effort on both ends of the court. Madison does an excellent job of running the team especially in the half court. He has the ability to score from various spots on the court, but is most effective with dribble penetration and making 'kick out' passes to open teammates. We like the fact that Madison is able to go both directions with the dribble equally well. The next step for Madison is to become more vocal on the court.


No. 18 6'1 '19 Kobe Langley (SW Guilford)

Kobe has excellent quickness and athleticism that is combined with a matching skill set. The southpaw is an explosive athlete that can score from all three levels on the court. He plays with poise and maturity and his understanding of the game is advanced for his age/grade. More importantly, we were impressed with his full throttle approach to the game and his high level competitiveness. In addition, Kobe does all the little things that often don't show up in the box score. It's hard to measure all his intangibles, but is definitely a prospect to help build your team around.


No. 24 6'2 Jomaru Brown (Southern Durham)

This was the second straight year that Jomaru has been invited to the NC Top 80. Once again, he didn't disappoint. Jomaru is best at attacking the rim and finishing with authority. He has strength, speed, quickness and explosive athleticism that are showcased in the open court and in transition. Jomaru open court speed is impressive and is so hard to depend either in the full or half court. In addition, we were impressed with the how hard he plays on both ends of the court. The next step for Jomaru is to extend his range and perimeter shooting to round out his overall game.


No. 42 6'4 '18 Jamarius Burton (Phillip O'Berry)

Jamarius has a strong and physically mature frame. He's a tremendous athlete and has incredible bounce. Jamarius may be one of the best finishers in attacking the rim in the state. While he gets plenty of accolades concerning his athleticism, he will surprise you with his team play and unselfish approach to the game. In the open court, Jamarius has good court vision and will make timely passes to open teammates. He has all the ingredients to be a big time player. The next step in his development is to become a more efficient shooter from the perimeter, especially from the 3-point line.


No. 47 6'4 '18 Jonathan Hicklin (United Faith Christian Academy)

Jonathan already possesses a college ready frame and is blessed with strength and plenty of length. His strongest attribute may be his quickness and open court speed. While he is a standout high school player, we would not be surprised if his best days are once he gets to college. He has an above average skill set but once his skill set matches his athleticism, watch out! In addition, we were impressed with his total team play. He's the type of player that can stuff the stat sheets with points, assists, rebounds and steals. Without question, he is involved in so many plays and possessions. The next step in his development is to simply continue his improvement and refinement of his overall skill set.


No. 53 6'2 '17 Jordan Beale (Voyager Academy)

Jordan is a solid combo guard that is so smooth and fluid in the open court. He has such a soft shooting touch from the perimeter and from the 3-point line. He has excellent shooting mechanics with beautiful backspin and rotation. While Jordan is one of the more efficient perimeter shooters for his position, he has the ability to use his body control to finish effectively against pressure and contact. In addition, Jordan is the ultimate team player. He was one of the camp's top scorers, but he does it all without the framework of the offensive. Rarely, does he try to manufacture or hunt down his shot, but he simply allows the game come to him. We were also impressed with his unselfish play and overall great attitude. The next step in his development is to be more aggressive on the defensive end of the court.


No. 79 6'6 '18 Hunter Tyson (Piedmont)

Hunter Tyson is a name you will be hearing a lot more about in the near future. He came into the camp with little to no hype, but quickly changed that attitude with his impressive play. Coach Freddy Johnson stated it best, 'Hunter was one of the best all around players at the camp. He was a big surprise.' In addition to his overall skill set, Hunter plays the game with a high basketball IQ and advanced understanding of the game. Simply put, there are not many things this young man excels at on the court. Hunter is such a smart basketball player and will be one to put in your SIM CARD.


No. 6'7 '17 JP Moorman (Greensboro Day School)

JP Moorman has made more process in terms of improvement over the past year than anyone in the state. If he continues his rapid improvement over the next year as the last, watch out! The best words to describe JP are versatility and mobility. Simply put, JP may be the most versatile player in the state regardless of class. He can play multiple positions and has expanded his skill set, athleticism and overall basketball IQ. In addition, it is his competiveness that is most impressive. He competes on both ends of the court and has a habit of making winning player. Without question, this young man is a winner!


No. 93 6'8 '17 Morgan McKay (Christ School)

What Morgan lacks in athleticism, he more than makes up in sheer hustle and hard work. As coach Johnson stated, 'Morgan is a hard worker and is very coachable. He is a coaches dream.' Morgan is the ultimate team player and glue guy that makes teams successful. He doesn't have to score to be effective. He plays hardnosed defense in the low post area and will box out and rebound. Morgan is a two handed rebounder and does an excellent job of making the outlet pass to initiate the fast break. The next step in his development is to work on his lateral quickness and athleticism.