Team 8

No. 8 5'11' 2019 Keith Marshall Jr. of Trinity Christian Academy (Fayetteville, NC)
Marshall defended the ball well and showed good court vision and court sense. He is a quick point guard who shoed the ability to shoot the ball with range and lead his team. Marshall has good ball handling and passing skills. Marshall's camp coach stated, 'KJ is a quick lead guard who defends and runs his team. He knocks down jumpers off the dribble and uses his handle to penetrate and kick. He is a positive leader.'


No. 17 6' 2020 Kristopher Robinson of Lincolnton HS (Lincolnton, NC)
Robinson came into camp with a good attitude and gave great effort throughout camp. He was best in catch and shoot situations, showing deep range and a quick release. Robinson's camp coach stated, 'Kristopher knocked down multiple jumpers off the catch and the dribble. He has the ability to to score in bunches. Watch.'



No. 32 6'2' 2021 Terquavion Smith of Farmville Central HS (Farmville, NC)
Smith showed good penetration ability with a solid handle and the ability to finish off the bounce. He has a quick first step and sees the floor well. Smith Shot the ball well at multiple levels throughout the day. Smith's camp coach stated, 'Terquavion is a lengthy guard who has the ability to get into the passing lanes on defense. He scored in transition and showed a bright future as he continues to work hard.'


No. 41 6'2' 2021 Elijah Jamison of Louisburg HS (Louisburg, NC)
Jamison came into camp with a great understanding of team play. He is a strong bodied guard who was able to live in the paint where he finished at the rim or kicked to his teammates. He is a strong defender, both on and off the ball, and is a good rebounder as a point guard. Jamison's camp coach stated, 'Elijah is a strong lead guard who uses his body to get after you on defense and put pressure on you offensively. He got into the paint consistently and made his teammates better. He also finished at the rim with both hands. Very bright future ahead.'


No. 56 6'3' 2020 Joshua Banks of Olympic High School (Charlotte, NC)
Banks is a lengthy wing who is highly explosive, above the rim player. He has a good attitude and gave great effort throughout the event. Banks showed the ability to guard multiple positions well, he was able to get out in transition and scored it well on the break. Banks' camp coach stated, 'Joshua got out and scored on the break. He is a versatile guard who mounted up throughout the day on the defensive end.'


No. 65 6'4' 2019 Cameron Billups of Fayetteville Academy (Fayetteville, NC)
Billups displayed a good basketball IQ with vision and court sense. He rebounded his position well and showed the ability to move without the ball. Billups' camp coach stated, 'Cameron attacked off the dribble and finished well at the rim. He used the dribble to attack and created plays for himself and his teammates.'



No. 80 6'5' 2019 Jalen Joiner of Piedmont Classical Charter (Greensboro, NC)
Joiner is a lengthy wing who carries above the rim explosion. He shot the ball well from beyond the arc in this event, especially in catch and shoot situations He moved well without the ball and he finished above the rim in transition. Joiner's camp coach stated, 'Jalen played well, moving without the ball and in drive and kick situations. He is a good catch and shoot player. A great teammate throughout the event, very encouraging.'


No. 104 6'6' 2019 Darlinstone Dunbar of Rocky River HS (Mint Hill, NC)
Dunbar gave great effort throughout the day. He has the ability to finish, strongly, above the rim. He rebounded his position well and moved without the ball. Dunbar's camp coach stated, 'Darlinstone is a slasher who finishes above the rim. He finished well in the paint, with both hands. He defended well in help side position and ran the floor very well.'

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