Team 11

No. 11 6' 2019 Davier Dixon of Liberty Heights (Charlotte, NC)
Dixon carries a high basketball IQ. He is a quick lead guard who is a good ball handler and a great ability to change speed. Dixon has good vision and court sense and is good in drive and kick situations. Dixon's camp coach stated, 'Davier is a true point guard who can create space when he needs it. He makes up for his size in every way with smart plays and hustle. His use of his off hand traffic was impressive.'


No. 14 6'1' 2019 George Jones of Pamlico County HS (Bayboro, NC)
Jones is a strong and productive guard. He attacks the rim strong and finds ways to score the ball. He is a physically strong guard which makes his penetration ability that much better. He is a tough defender both on the ball and off. Jones' camp coach stated, 'Jones is probably one of the most underrated players in the entire camp. He is an aggressive player on both ends of the floor and the opposition better watch out.'


No. 35 6'6' 2020 Tramond Willis-Shaw of Wesetover HS (Fayetteville, NC)
Willis-Shaw walks onto the floor with great length and athleticism. He showed the ability to rebound his position as well as move without the ball. He has deep range off the catch and the ability to finish above the rim in transition. Willis-Shaw's camp coach stated, 'Tramond is a young play with nothing but upside. He's an aggressive player who gets many second chance opportunities. He constantly moves without the ball, looking to rebound.'


No. 38 6'2' 2021 Carter Whitt of Leesville Road HS (Raleigh, NC)
Whitt is a natural leader who reads the game at a high level. He has unparalleled court sense and vision. He has a nice ability to shoot in the mid-range and a quick release off the bounce. Whitt's camp coach stated, 'Carter has good court vision and excellent PG abilities. He is a good rebounding guard, for this size. A play-maker who has the ability to play at a high level, at the next level.'


No. 59 6'3' 2019 Mysta Goodloe of Reynolds HS (Winston-Salem, NC)
Goodloe came into camp giving great effort, going hard on every possession. He played an aggressive style of defense both on and off the ball. He rebounded well and got into the paint often. Goodloe's camp coach stated, 'Mysta is a good scoring slasher who can create scoring opportunities. He is an intense player, athletic, who is able to affect the outcome even in having an 'off' game. A hustle player with a great motor.'


No. 62 6'4' 2020 Aulden Edwards of Cummings HS (Burlington, NC)
Edwards has a smooth, natural feel for the game. The lefty is a good athlete, which he showcases on both ends of the floor. He has smooth shooting range and the ability to score at the rim. Edwards also has upside as a lock down type defender. Edwards' camp coach stated, 'Aulden is a great shooter who can knock it down with consistency. He possesses good ball handling skills and the potential to be a great defender.'


No. 83 6'5' 2019 Josh Nickelberry of Northwood Temple (Fayetteville, NC)
Nickelberry is a high level to elite level scorer. He has deep range with touch and a quick release. He has footwork and ball handling to get open and find himself space and he has explosion to finish at an above the rim. Nickelberry's camp coach stated, 'Josh has uncanny ability to create space and take most defenders to the basket. He literally plays every aspect of the game well.'


No. 86 6'5' 2020 Ricky Council IV of Northern Durham HS (Durham, NC)
Council IV came into camp with a great attitude and gave great effort from start to finish. He displayed the ability to score the ball at every level with the ability to get into the lane from the wing and deep range with a quick release. Council IV is a hyper athletic wing who displayed good quickness and footwork. Council IV's camp coach stated, 'Ricky has great shooting mechanics and ability to knock down the open shot. He is an athletic, slashing wing who can hurt you from anywhere.'


No. 107 6'8' 2020 Cheick Traore of Concord 1st'Assembly (Concord, NC)
Traore is a rebounding machine. He is very strong, has great length and he has a non-stop motor and determination. He has good hands on the block and once he gets the ball in his hands, you aren't getting it away. Traore's camp coach stated, 'Cheick is very coachable. He is an incredible rebounder and a physically strong force underneath. He has''the size to be a dominating player in the future.'


No. 110 6'8' 2019 Jaelyn Withers of North Mecklenburg HS (Huntersville, NC)
Withers has great length and good ball skills. He is an effective player, around the rim on both ends of the floor. Withers rebounded his position well, he moved well without the ball and he showed comfort scoring the ball inside the paint and beyond the arc. Withers' camp coach stated, 'Jaelyn is a team player whose greatest attribute is his communication with teammates. Has the handle to take is defender to the rim or the range to shoot over top from way deep. A lot of upside here as a player.'

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