Team 10

No. 10 6’ 2020 Callin Randolph of Mountain Heritage HS (Burnsvillle, NC)
Randolph is a high IQ lead guard who plays with a great attitude and has the ability to shoot from all areas on the floor. He has great mechanics on his shot and exceptional court vision. His footwork and ability to move off the ball is very good as well. Randolph’s camp coach stated, “Callin makes others better and is a winner. He is a good athlete with tremendous upside to his game.”


No. 15 2020 Isaac Sinclair of Chapel Hill HS (Chapel Hill, NC)
Sinclair is a natural leader who has great court vision and a high-level attitude. He has a good handle and the ability to get where he wants on the floor with good court vision. Sinclair’s camp coach stated, “Isaac is a hustle guy who plays with a great attitude. He plays defense with a passion and is a sneaky passer with great vision. He has a great team first attitude.”


No. 34 2021 Trae Benham of Concord First Assembly (Concord, NC)
Benham has a natural feel for the game. He has deep range on his jump shot with a quick release and great mechanics with deep range. He gave great effort throughout camp and was able to get to the rim and finish with an array of finishes in the paint. Benham’s camp coach stated, “Trae is a great shooter and understands his strengths. He is a quick catch and release shooter and is able to use his shot to set up the dribble drive. He is a very good player in space.”


No. 39 6’2” 2020 Demar Anderson of North Mecklenburg (Huntersville, NC)
Anderson gave great effort and really took to the coaching and teaching provided throughout camp. He is a very quick athlete who was able to get into the paint. He is a good defender both on and off the ball who gives great effort. Anderson’s camp coach stated, “Demar is a great young athletic player who can be a special point guard. He has a nice shot and the ability to get to the rim. He is a very good defender.”


No. 58 6’3” 2019 Myles Pierre of Carmel Christian (Charlotte, NC)
Pierre is a tough player and a natural leader. He is a good athlete who has incredible instincts on both ends of the floor. He had a great attitude and gave great effort throughout the day. Pierre’s camp coach stated, “Myles is a tough PG and a leader in all aspects of basketball. He is able to control the outcome of a game without scoring. He is a winner and a great young man who has a very bright future.”


No. 63 6’4” 2021 BJ Freeman of Faith Assembly (Durham, NC)
Freeman has a great frame and an advanced offensive skill set. He showed the ability to score at multiple levels and he showed the willingness to rebound from his guard position. Freeman’s camp coach stated, “BJ has a great offensive mindset. He is able to score a bunch of points in a hurry. He is able to score in multiple ways, he can shoot the 3 ball or post up. Very good rebounder.”


No. 82 6’5” 2019 Jamahri Harvey of Freedom Christian (Fayetteville, NC)
Harvey has a lengthy frame and gives good effort on both ends of the floor. He has natural instincts on the defensive end and plays an aggressive style both on offense and defense. Harvey’s camp coach stated, “Jamahri is a great athlete who plays with a high motor. He can shoot the 3 ball and is great at attacking the rim. I really like his upside as a defensive stopper at the next level.”


No. 87 6’5” 2019 Shawn Walker Jr. of Wesleyan Christian (High Point, NC)
Walker has great length and a very projectable basketball frame. He has a great attitude and does everything on the floor well. Walker has good court awareness, he defends the ball well and he is a good rebounder. Walker’s camp coach stated, “Shawn is a great athlete and plays with a high motor. He is able to shoot the 3 ball or attack the basket. I like his upside to be a lock down defender at the next level.”


. 106 6’8” 2019 Brian Mack II of Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA)
Mack is a very intriguing and productive prospect. He has incredibly soft hands with good footwork and great touch at all levels of the floor. He is comfortable with his back to the basket, in pick and pop situations and facing up and putting the ball on the floor. Mack’s camp coach stated, “Brian has big upside. Hustle, effort and hard work defines his game as he outworks most at his position. Great in pick and roll/pick and pop situations.”


No. 111 6’8” 2019 Jake van der Heijden of Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC)
Van Der Heijden gave great effort and displayed a high basketball IQ. He moved very well without the ball in his hands and showed great footwork and ability to get open and get his shot off. The lefty has deep range and a quick and confident stroke. He has good length and good straight-line explosion. Van Der Heijden’s camp coach stated, “Jake is able to run and stretch the floor from the four position. He finishes strong and gives maximum effort all the time. He can really shoot the ball.”