For the previous six years, Phenom Hoops has been honored to host the North Carolina Top 80, however (as we always say) this is NOT Phenom Hoop's event, this is North Carolina's event.

This is the event where players get together to compete and see what the state and other classifications have to offer. However, this is also the event where the very best in the Hoop State get together and show off for the rest of the country, who is the best of the Hoop State.

The platform provided here has built itself to become an immediate boost for those who perform well. With game video archived, true combine testing and scouts at every court, the college will receive a full recruiting package for EVERY player in attendance. Those who come in with a chip on their shoulder, have traditionally walked out with their names being spoken of in high regard walking out.

This year was no different. It is easy to make knee jerk reactions after one show, so this is what this is. The Hot Takes taken from the NC Top 80. These are the Monday Morning Quarterbacking, Water Cooler Expert Takes from the Event

1. Kahari Rogers is the Best Shooter in NC

He stands at a lengthy 6'6'. He is an explosive straight-line athlete and he has a smooth, pure, repeatable jump shot with deep range. There is not much to not like with how his game will translate moving forward. It will be interesting to see what level he ends up at, he fits the modern looking 3 & D type player, which tends to translate at every level.

2. Jaquante Harris is NCs Best PG in 2021

The point guards in the 2021 class are deep and high level. You have the likes of Carter Whitt and Cam Hayes who are nationally ranked and you have others like Bobby Pettiford, KJ Garrett, Elijah Jamison, etc' who are being recruited at a high level. However, Harris may be the best of the lot. He has an excellent blend of flash and poise. He can score 30 or dish 15, depending on the matchups. Lockdown on the ball defender, he made his shots and really did what he wanted. He is incredibly under the radar, for now …

3. Jajuan Carr and Christian Hampton Should be Recruited at the HM Level

We spoke about the 2020 point guard situation, behind Jalen Cone and by all accounts both Hampton and Carr stepped up to the plate. Hampton is a highly combustible 2-way point guard who gets into you, aggressively, on both ends. Carr is a strong and explosive point guard who plays with an incredible first step and great control. He shoots it, has good vision and touches the paint often. Hampton has an App St offer and Carr an ECU offer, look for those lists to grown exponentially this summer.

4. Josh Banks is a Top 10 Prospect in 2020

What a step forward Banks has taken over the past year. He has always had a great feel for scoring the ball, but now he has added a consistent 3 ball and explosion. He was virtually unstoppable in all three settings, both creating for himself and playing off the ball. Banks recruitment should sky-rocket playing on the EYBL with Team United, it should be a fun summer and Banks' game should take a central role.

5. Francesco Borra and Ricky Council are Top 150 Prospects

As the old adage goes, you can't teach height. Borra is a 7' junior at Tri-City Christian, is a throwback type. He has pick/pop range beyond the arc and great footwork with go-to and counters on the block. He just came over from Italy in November and is still getting adjusted, but will be with CP3 this summer, watch closely. Council may be the best pure scorer in North Carolina. He can shoot the ball, he plays far above the rim and he has that killer mentality with the ball in his hands. North Carolina has had some great scorers come through with the likes of JamesOn Curry, JT Terrell, Coby White, Josh Nickelberry, etc'Council can flat get buckets and will continue to do so at each level. Watch closely this summer.