From the Sidelines

NC Top 80
Freshman Standouts

The 5th Annual NC Top 80 camp was simply filled with a wealth of talent in all age divisions. While the underclassmen usually have more difficulty in making an impact at such an elite level camp in regards to overall talent. That being said, the freshman class (2021) proved that they will be in the talk of discussion.

No. 32 6’1 Terquavion Smith (Farmville Central)

Terquavion Smith simply has an advanced basketball skill set. He is wired to score and score he does! Scorers translate at all levels and it’s easy to see that Smith is going to become an elite level scorer. Smith averaged almost 21 PPG as a freshman for Farmville Central and he was one of the top scorers in the entire camp. Smith averaged 17.7 PPG in the three camp games and showcased why he may be one of the more prolific scorers in the state for many years to come.




No. 34 Trae Benham (Concord First Assembly)

We watched the silky-smooth southpaw numerous times this past season. One thing is for certain, Trae Benham can flat light it up with a quick release, not to mention good fundamentals and matching athleticism. Benham proved shooters transfer at all levels and he did just that at the NC Top 80. He averaged 14.0 PPG for the camp and proved he is in the conversation as one of the top shooters in the state for his class.




No. 66 6’4 ’21 Chris Ford (North Mecklenburg)

One thing for certain, Chris Ford has gained a reputation for being a tough junkyard dog and his performance at the NC Top 80 was no exception. Ford plays at a tremendous pace and is a fierce competitor. While only a freshman, Chris Ford has a grown man’s game. He has good physical strength and a college-ready frame. That being said, Ford finds ways to score and he did it once again. He averaged 14 PPG and scored in transition and from a variety of hustle plays, which is the classic Chris Ford.



No. 24 6’1 ’21 Cole Sinclair (Durham Academy)

Cole Sinclair has grown into the point guard position. He has a strong and sturdy frame and can score from all three levels. More importantly, he has matured in his decision-making process and is becoming a student of the game while on the floor. Sinclair averaged 12.0 PPG and showcased poise, maturity and leadership.




No. 38 6’2 ’21 Carter Whitt (Leesville Road)

Simply put, Carter Whitt is one of the more enjoyable players to watch in the state regardless of class. We’re talking about a flashy, crafty, fundamental sound and high IQ player. Whitt is a gifted ball handler a creative passer and has the ability to see plays 1-2 plays in advance. Whitt simply knows how to play the game and has an impeccable feel on how to make winning plays. Whitt averaged 7.0 PPG, but he is so valuable as a floor general and passer.