For the previous six years, Phenom Hoops has been honored to host the North Carolina Top 80, however (as we always say) this is NOT Phenom Hoop’s event, this is North Carolina’s event.

This is the event where players get together to compete and see what the state and other classifications have to offer. However, this is also the event where the very best in the Hoop State get together and show off for the rest of the country, who is the best of the Hoop State.

The platform provided here has built itself to become an immediate boost for those who perform well. With game video archived, true combine testing and scouts at every court, the college will receive a full recruiting package for EVERY player in attendance. Those who come in with a chip on their shoulder, have traditionally walked out with their names being spoken of in high regard walking out.

This year was no different. Let’s take a look at each class in attendance and focus on the players who utilized this platform to boost their stock, and should expect rankings and recruitment to heat up

6’1″ Jaquante Harris
Hoke County HS (Fayetteville, NC)

Harris showed out. He came in with a growing reputation out of Fayetteville and really showed to be among the best the state has to offer. Playing for Taking it by Force in our 3G Showcase, Harris showed the ability to score the ball at a high rate. In this camp he showed the ability to run a team, create plays. Overall, Harris is among the best PGs in North Carolina’s 2021 class. He has all the tools and skills, watch and enjoys him grow, he is under the radar now, but that won’t last for long.

6’6” Omarion Bodrick
Independence HS (Matthews, NC)

Coach Preston Davis is known for having a tough and athletic team. Bodrick falls right in line with that, a long and quick twitch forward who is a rim protector and versatile defender across multiple positions. He is explosive and he plays the game well within himself. Look for him to be a difference maker at every level, his defensive ability will carry him.

6’ KJ Garrett
High Point Christian (High Point, NC)

Garrett has been a hot name for a few years, ever since starting on varsity as an 8th grader at Caldwell Academy. He continues to show out in every setting and could truly take on the moniker of “slept on” prospect. Garrett is a paint getter in its truest form. Once he gets two feet in the paint he makes great decisions. Garrett is an adept passer, with excellent vision, and he makes shots at the rim as well with burst and craft. He shot the ball well, but what he really did was run a team and defend the ball. Great day, should be one college coaches will get on soon.

6’1” Trae Benham
Concord First Assembly (Concord, NC)

Benham plays with incredible swag and poise. The lefty is a smooth, effortless shooter with deep range. He attacks the rim and seemingly produces in every setting against all comers, showing no fear. Watch for him to continue to lead his teams in scoring and come up with steals both defending the ball and from the wing. He will always fight the look test, but the second you look past that to production, you see he’s a D1 kid who belongs.

6’8” Nate Brafford
Tuscola HS (Waynesville, NC)

Brafford is long, has great size and is very skilled. He had multiple grab and go rebounds, as he pushed the break with a good handle. Now he needs strength and maybe a year away, but the tools are clearly there. Standing at 6’8”, he has a smooth stroke with 3-point range. He handles the ball well and can initiate offense from multiple spots. Watch Brafford closely, he is one who could all of a sudden pop out of nowhere to become a fast-rising prospect. Check in now and keep tabs, big upside here.

6’4” Bryce Alfino
Davidson Day (Huntersville, NC)

Talk about the ultimate glue guy, Alfino does everything well. He has great size, he defends the 1-3, he can act as a secondary ball handler, and he shot the ball well. Very much a winning player who makes winning plays on both ends. Look for a bit Summer from him and he will catch college coaches eyes immediately after they first see him.

6’8” Eric Van Der Heijden
Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC)

The Van Der Heijden name is one that North Carolinians know from big brother Jake. However, Eric is rapidly following right in his footsteps. Jake is going to Bucknell. Eric is a different player from Jake, He has a smooth skill set with the ability to create as the secondary initiator, from the wing or at the high post. He has a smooth jump shot and just a complete game as a 6’8” combo forward. As he continues to add strength it will be very interesting to see what he progresses to. He could be the highest level guy if things break right, but at a minimum, he is absolutely a sought after D1 player.