#211 6'7 Matt Brown 6'7 Spartanburg NC Spartanburg Day 2018

Matt is still growing academically and physical regarding his preparation to play basketball at the collegiate level. His athletic ability matches his intelligence of the game of basketball. Tremendous upside with the combination of his basketball knowledge and athletic ability. Good team player who helps his teammates out on all aspects of defense. Offensively he needs to be more aggressive. Very coachable and is a very good teammate.

#176 Jordan Love 6'4 Durham NC Voyager High 2018

High intensity and motor that explodes into energy that is evenly divided into his court presence offensively and defensively. Tall slim and wiry strong with good ball handling skills with either hand and finishes plays with special emphasis on the dunk in traffic on the break. Very like able teammate and exceptionally tough and coachable. Perimeter shot is solid from the mid-range to the three point shot. Will do very well for his team and she be a leader in his conference.

#134 Corey Elliot Whitsett, NC The Burlington Day School 2018

Good looking player that plays well within himself. He not only understands his role and abilities physical and mentally. He has a high basketball IQ and physically gifted with good size and quickness and basketball speed. He will be a great leader and will be an extension of the coach on the floor. Player has a lot of confidence and plays with a swagger.

#76 Obe Gray 6'0 Charlotte NC Ardrey Kell High 2018

Obe is an outstanding floor leader offensively and defensively. He has a high motor which matches his strong basketball skills. He challenges his teammates big the same energy that he brings to the floor with hustle and hard nose play. His communication on offense and defense shows that he knows where he and his teammates should be on the floor. I'll take 5 of him any day! Obe is the player that if you are going in to a battle he's player that you just have to have on your team. Obe has excellent range on his jump shot.

#118 Mitchell Singletary

Good all-around player who is a major contributor offensive and defensively for his team. He is able to make game time decisions, changes, and adjustments on the court. Mitchell is basketball savy and has a real nice mid-range shot that extends out to the three-point line. He is also very good at putting the ball on the floor to beat defenders to the basket. Very likable teammate and is a coach on the floor that executes plays very well.

#92 Joshua Alston Durham, NC Riverside High 2020

Very athletic guard forward combo with strong left hand who can use his right hand pretty well. One of the best attributes about Alston he does whatever the coaches asking him to do without hesitation He has a very fast motor and super high energy level on defense and offense. He plays very well in transition and around the basket. Loves the challenge of guarding the other teams' best player. Player always has a positive attitude.

#50 Andrew Koweleski Pawleys Island SC Waccamaw High 2019

Super 'Charlie Hustle' type of player. This player is very coachable and is the ultimate team player. Understands the game of basketball and is an extension of the coach on the floor. Helps make sure his teammates are at the right positions on the floor. Uses positive communication to encourage his teammates when they make mistakes. Plays with in himself and is a good defensive stopper. Player has a complete mid-range and dribble drive game. Player makes good passes to open teammates passing the ball on time allowing the players to make heady plays during the game.

#8 Justin Brown 5'8 Huntersville, NC North Mechlenburg High 2020

Has a complete command of the knowledge of the game of basketball and is a coach on the floor. He has great court vision. Player never dribbles with his head down so he can see the action down the floor. Brown is a very unselfish player that looks to make the right play. Makes good timely passes that are the money. Super mid-range game knocks down open shoots when he is giving space. Needs to contunie to develop as a play on the mental and physical aspects of the game. I really enjoyed coaching this player and will be looking forward to seeing how his development goes in the future.

#160 Dangelo Elliott 6'3 Candler, NC Carolina Day 2019

Good strong physical athlete that would excel in any sport. He has a strong knowledge of the game. Know how to use his body and rebounds really well in space. Has strong ball handling and shooting skills. Player has a combination of great skills that he uses to be very affect the game in many aspects. He uses leadership to make sure his players know where to be. He uses great ball handling skills to make plays for other players. Good thing about Elliot he doesn't dominate the ball. He doesn't stand in one place on the floor forcing the defense to work. Just makes everyone on the floor better. He has the skill set to be a game changer every time he gets on the floor.