#3 5'5' 2019 PJ Jackson (West Florence)
Jackson had a great attitude throughout camp and really wanted to be coached. He is a very quick and confident guard who lived in the paint. Jackson's camp coach Duncan stated, 'PJ did a great job today. He really does a good job handling the basketball. He is very quick and should have a successful career.'


#17 5'8' 2019 Najir Underwood (Mallard Creek High School)
Underwood displayed a great attitude and showed to play well within the team concept. He showed the ability to get into the paint often, with a tight handle and quick first step. Underwood's camp coach Duncan stated, 'Najir did a great job handling the basketball throughout camp. He will be fun to watch in the years to come.'

#32 5'10' 2017 L'Shawn Davis (North Lenoir High School)
Davis had a great attitude and'showed a willingness to learn and ask questions. He showed to be very quick and played good on ball and weak side defense. Davis' camp coach Duncan stated, 'L'Shawn did a good job as the team's leader. He is a good athlete, and played defense with a purpose.'

#49 5'11 2016 Andrew Moxley (West Stanly High School)
Moxley showed a great attitude, played well within the team concept, and displayed leadership qualities. He shoots the ball well and really plays on ball defense well. Moxley's camp coach Duncan stated, 'Andrew did a great job playing defense on the ball. He also shot it very well.'

#62 6' 2019 Jalil Bessent (Irmo High School)
Bessent showed a good attitude and displayed good athleticism. He showed solid mechanics on his shot and the ability to handle and pass the ball. Bessent's camp coach Duncan stated, 'Jalil works very hard and does a great job running the floor.'


#106 Jalen Johnson
Johnson had a very good camp. He is a good athlete and was able to get into the lane often. He has a nice handle in the half court and defended the ball well. Jalen's camp coach Duncan stated, 'Jalen is a very good athlete, he can get to the basket and handled the ball well.'


'#144 6'2' 2017 GeJuan Williams (Piedmont Community Charter)
Williams showed a great attitude during camp and worked hard on both ends of the floor. Williams is a strong guard who rebounds and defends hard. Williams camp coach Duncan stated, 'GeJuan did a good job today. He is a big strong player who plays very physically.'

#153 6'3' 2019 Calvin Church (Wilkes Central High School)
Church had a very good day, showing skill and production. He shot the ball very well, showing the ability to go both ways and finish from multiple levels and angles. Church's camp coach Duncan stated, 'Calvin did a good job shooting the ball all day. He uses his off-hand well and has a good basketball IQ.'

#176 6'4' 2017 Todd Smith (Freedom Christian)
Smith is a big bodied guard. He showed ability to shoot, handle, and create in the half court setting, all the while playing with above the rim athleticism. Smith's camp coach ___ stated, 'Todd is very athletic and shot the ball well today. He is able to get to the basket off the dribble and rise above the rim when he gets there.'

#196 6'8' 2016 Kevin Schmitt (Trinity Christian)
Schmitt is a lefty big, who showed a nice skill set and worked hard throughout camp. He has touch with confident range beyond the arc and showed a go-to move with his back to the basket. Schmitt's camp coach Duncan stated, 'Kevin works hard on the floor. He does a good job with his short range jump shot, which also extends beyond the arc.'

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