Team 5

Coach: Jaquar Moorman

#5: 5'6 '20 CJ Jones of Phillip O. Berry (Charlotte)

Starting things off, we look at a player that did an excellent job generating offense for the team, CJ Jones. He's a lead guard with a nice handle and a knack for finding his teammates whenever possible. Jones displayed the ability to score inside the arc quite well and did a quality job getting into the paint. Next in his development process is working on his defense, as it would open his two-way game up very easily. Coach Moorman on Jones: 'My point guard! CJ did a good job running his unit; he passed, pushed and shot the ball well throughout camp. He looks solid getting into the lane. Needs to work on turning his guy on defense. Once he figures that out his game will go to another level.' That is high praise for a freshman but he played quite well throughout camp and is already ahead of the curve. There's no doubt that Jones will continue to progress as he enters summer play.

#33: 5'10 '21 N'fari Benjamin of Rabun Gap (New York)

Next, we look at a guy with maturity, poise and happened to be the youngest player on display at camp, N'fari Benjamin. He's a lead guard with scoring and distribution ability but showed no fear of playing with the older guys. Defensively, he's a plus, which makes him a legit two-way threat already, something you simply don't see with players his age. Next in his development process is tightening up his jumper, as the repeatable form would make his shot more consistent. Coach Moorman on Benjamin: 'My 8th grader! N'fari did a great job playing with older kids today. He played and, had he not told someone, they wouldn't have known what grade he was in. Based on having tall grandparents, I expect him to grow a few more inches. Once he grows and if he keeps working, he could become a very special player. Remember this name.' Benjamin was able to make an impact on both ends of the floor and will only continue to improve with time. He will be an above average prospect sooner than later, especially if he builds off his performance heading into summer play.

#42: 5'10 '19 Rylan McLaurin of Charlotte Country Day (Charlotte)

Moving onto a player whose ability to create and distribute among his teammates proved to be extremely valuable, Rylan McLaurin. He's a lead guard with a really solid offensive arsenal, as he can score on three levels quite well or play off-ball and generate shots for the team. Defensively, McLaurin is pretty good but still has room to improve his off-ball defense, considering he's already better on the ball. Next in his development process is utilizing his off-hand more often, as it would allow him to attack more angles on both sides of the court. Coach Moorman on McLaurin: 'My silent assist leader! Kylan played hard all day and was a joy to coach. He attacked the basket well and finished strong; he had deflections on defense, which led to turnovers. Once he locks in on defense and uses his speed, watch out!!' McLaurin looks really solid coming off of his sophomore season, there's no doubting he will remain on our radar. He understands the bigger picture and once he begins perfecting the smaller things we might have a real prospect on our hands. McLaurin had a strong performance at camp, averaging 11 PPG and should look to build off his play going into summer ball.

#70: 5'11 '17 Grayson Tejeda of Hargrave Military (Reidsville)

Continuing onto a player who really stood out as a strong two-way player for his team, Grayson Tejeda. He's a natural lead guard, but possesses the ability to slide off-ball with ease, as his scoring ability allows him to toggle between positions. Offensively, Tejeda gets it done on three-levels whenever he wants and displays a nice form on jumpers; he has a knack for creating easy looks for teammates off the dribble. Tejeda knows how to contort defenses and distribute the ball quite well. Defensively, he's strong, able to play on or off-ball with relative ease and quick enough to hang with most guards. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it would allow him to create shots for himself and others with less difficulty. Coach Moorman on Tejeda: 'Game two was Grayson's coming out party! He showed he could score on all three levels and run a team at the same time. Grayson shot the ball well and went to the basket hard. Looking for big things out of him next year in school.' Tejeda caught the eyes of many during his time at camp and can be a really great player going forward, as all the skillset and IQ are readily available.

#80: 5'10 '19 Jaylen Walker of Grimsley (Greensboro)

Next, we look at a player whose leadership on defense made him a very impactful piece on his team, Jaylen Walker. It was easy to pick him out, as you could hear him on defense calling out assignments, anchoring his unit and making a priority out of help rotations. Offensively, Walker is looking to body his way into the paint and finish at the cup; he did a pretty solid job scoring the ball but really looked comfortable on the defensive end. Next in his development process is refining his three-point shot, as it would make him a two-way monster with serious potential. Coach Moorman on Walker: 'My vocal leader on defense! Jaylen did a great job talking all day and after game one it began to rub off on his teammates. If he stays in the gym I see him having a promising upcoming season.' It was great watching Walker get vocal and then his teammates followed in suit. That's how the game should be played and it took a player like Walker to initiate the rest of his unit. He should continue to build off his strong play heading into summer play.

#108: 6'1 '18 David Spainhour of West Stokes (King)

Moving onto a player whose scoring ability and team-first mindset made a huge difference for the team, David Spainhour. He's a guard with the ability to score on three-levels; he displayed a knockdown three-pointer within the teams' offense and showed his interest in posting up smaller guards. Defensively, Spainhour is solid, but proved to be really helpful in transition, where he hustled extremely hard and made it a priority in being the first man back to stop the fast break. Next in his development process is to work on his ability to score inside the lane, as it would make his offensive game pretty complete and he would cause problems for opponents. Coach Moorman on Spainhour: 'Isaac had a very good day and is a great kid to coach. He played hard and made the extra pass consistently. With his ability to score he will have a very good season.' Spainhour definitely has two-way potential and will be a name worth remembering going forward, especially if he builds off his strong play at camp going into summer ball.

#117: 6'2 '19 Brandon Cline of Kellam (Virginia Beach)

Continuing onto a player that was among the most disciplined, hard working guys at camp, Brandon Cline. He's a wing that plays with an incredibly high motor and knows how to make his presence felt on the floor. Offensively, Cline moves really well without the ball and showed the ability to knock down shots in transition. He is able to handle the ball and see the floor quite well, can play as the secondary ball handler in a pinch. On the defensive end, Cline is solid, though he's better off-ball than on it. Next in his development process is improving his on-ball defense and overall quickness on that end of the floor. Coach Moorman on Cline: 'My hardest working kid who was a joy to coach because of his effort level. He will have a solid career if he plays like that every day. I will be following him and see how well he does because I expect him a big year out of him.' The praise from coach explains it all; Cline already has the framework of a quality player and will become a deadly player as he continues to improve.

#144: 6'4 '19 Holland Baynard of Hoggard (Wilmington)

Next, we look at a player whose intangibles and defensive abilities got him recognition, Holland Baynard. He's a wing with nice length, which he utilizes quite well when guarding perimeter players. Offensively, he sticks to strong drives and three-point shooting, the two strongest parts of his game on that end of the floor. But as previously mentioned, it was Baynard's defensive presence that made a difference. He was equally solid on and off-ball, showing quickness and high IQ in both scenarios. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball and score off the catch, as this would make him a more dangerous player spotting up. Coach Moorman on Baynard: 'Holland did a really good job on defense! He hustled every second he was on the court and it was fun to watch because of the effort he provided. Even though he wasn't a primary scorer, he's the kind of guy every team needs to win.' There's no doubting Baynard has serious glue-guy potential, and if he's willing to accept that role, he could be really good.

#153: 6'4 '18 Dantre Harvey of Western Alamance (Burlington)

Continuing on with a player that has been involved at many of our events and this was no different, Dantre Harvey. Typically, 'Tre' Harvey is a silky-smooth player with underrated athleticism, but his play at camp was different. This time, his athleticism was easily noticeable, as he consistently attacked off the dribble and finished with strong dunks or layups inside. Defensively, Harvey is quick and able to recover really well in transition, getting ahead of the fast break and making them stop in their tracks. Next in his development process is just continuing to work on the consistency of his three-point shot, as it would round out his entire offensive game, essentially making him unstoppable. Coach Moorman on Harvey: 'Dantre was great throughout camp and when he turned the corner, watch out, because it's dunk city baby! He attacked the rim frequently and finished with numerous dunks. He has a great basketball IQ and once he gets stronger, watch out. I see him being a double-double kid next year. If he hits the weights in the off-season he could take his game to another level.' Harvey played really well at yet another Phenom event and it'll be intriguing to see him again this summer.

#180: 6'7 '19 Luke Davis of South Central (Winterville)

Finishing up, we look at a player that showed flashes of being a three-level scorer while controlling the paint with his post moves, Luke Davis. He is a big man that loves to lean on his righty hook and strong penetration ability, as he scored quite often when going to those looks. Davis is a high IQ player and it is especially evident on the defensive end, where he doesn't have to strain himself athletically in order to make plays. Next in his development process is continuing to build his off-hand, as it would make him able to attack both sides of the court on offense. Coach Moorman on Davis: 'Luke! He had a handful of crowd-moving dunks during camp. He shot the open looks well and rebounded at a nice rate. If he locks in on defense, I could see him playing D1 ball. Luke played hard and did a good job moving without the ball. He needs to work on using his left hand around the basket. Once he adds that to his repertoire his scoring average will jump a good six points.' Davis still performed at a high level, able to finish with an average of 16.7 PPG during camp. We expect to hear his name again soon as he continues to put in work heading into summer play.