#5 Landon McClure Raleigh NC Northside High 2018

McClure gives you maximum effort every time he on the floor. This kid is a complete competitor. If I was going to war this is the player that I got to have! Player uses his body well for good positioning when rebounding the ball. I thought this player exceled on the defensive end of the floor. Coach Murphy on Landon McClure: 'Landon plays hard and competes on both ends on the floor. Uses his body well for the position. Needs to work on his ball handling and extend his range'. The next steps in McClure development is to work on his ball handling and extend his range on the offense side of the floor. Landon will be in his junior year at Northside High.

#88 Mikolaj Stankiewicz 6'0 Rabun Gap GA Rabun Gap High 2019

This player gets it on defense. Stankiewicz best skill is his ability to play defense on the ball. He was able to turn the player he as guarding and force them in to some turnover. He makes it hard for the other team's point guard run their team sets. On offense he is very aggressive. When left open he made defenses pay by knocking down open shots. The next step his development will be rebounding his position and moving with-out the ball. On defense he needs to work on his defense off the ball getting in the lanes to stop opponent's penetration. Coach Murphy on Mikolaj Stankiewicz: 'Mikolaj is a tough defender. Takes pride in stopping his man. On offense I love his aggressiveness. He good at knocking down open shots.' Will be looking forward to seeing this kid's development. Love players that will get after it on defense.

#116 Payton Page 6'1 Greensboro NC Smart Kids TLC 2020

Page uses his body well for defensive rebounding. He always has the right attitude and is able to accept criticism which will always make him very coachable. Player has a great basketball IQ and uses good effort to make plays for his team. Page needs to continue to work on is ball handing. Coach Murphy on Payton Page: 'Payton has a great attitude. He uses his body well for positioning. Needs to hone in on his skills on the offensive end of the floor. Needs to work on his ball handling to open up his offensive game.'

#79 Gerard Lawhorne 6'0 Ridgeway SC Fairfield Central 2017

Player has a great attitude when playing the game. One of the best attributes about him is he is willing to listen. He does exactly what the coach asked of him. He plays the game with great effort and he's a great team player. Plays great defense on and off the ball. Coach Murphy on Gerald Lawhorne: Player plays very hard. Has a great attitude. Plays pretty well on the defensive side of the ball. Needs to improve his ball handling skills. 'If Lawhorne continues to work on his ball handling and passing he could be an interesting prospect.

#46 Brad Halvorsen 5'11 Kingsport TN Christ School 2019

This Player was the one of the best competitors in the camp this weekend. He is a great defender on the and off the ball. Very good in getting out in the passing lanes. He plays hard and has great anticipation skills. On defense he is never out of position because he always jumps to the ball side. Plays very well out of the triple threat position. Uses jabs and head fakes to get defenders off balance. He can finish at the rim or get in the lane were he has a very consistent floater. Coach Murphy on Brad Halvoresen: 'This player is a great competitor. Uses his anticipation skills to make plays on the defensive side of the ball. Has a lot offensive moves. Would like to see him make better decisions on the fast break.' This player was pretty solid. I think that once he works on his decision making he will be a very good prospect. I think he will get better the more he plays. He has a bright future ahead of him. He should have a very good Sophomore year for Christ School.

#173 Tyler Harris 6'4 Cynthiana KY Harris County 2019

Tyler gives good effort and he has the right attitude. He's able to take criticism and is an excellent team player. Plays good defense on and off the ball. Has pretty good footwork which allowed him to make some really good plays. He needs to play more and work on his ball handling skills. Which will allow him to be more effective on the offensive side of the ball. Coach Murphy on Tyler Harris: 'This prospect gave great effort all day. He needs to work on his shot selection. Player has great size and look forward to seeing his growth and development.

#37 Adrian Suffren 5'10 Charlotte NC Hough High 2020

Adrian is a great on ball defender. He is very competitive and doesn't know how to back down. Has very good footwork and quickness to give ball handlers fits. On offense he is a good with dribble penetration uses it to bread down defenses. He likes to get in the lane and make plays for his teammates He is very good at accepting criticism from coaches. Will have to work on his decision making to be a great prospect. Coach Murphy on Adrian Suffren: 'Adrain is a great on ball defender. He anticipates and gets a lot of steals. He's a good perpetrator but needs to make better decisions with the ball. Would like to see him work on his shot selection also'. These are things I think will improve as he gets to play more being that he is only going in to his freshman year of high school. Will get better the more he plays. Very coachable player!

#214 6'7 Dericko Williams Kinston NC Kinston High 2019

When you hear the name Dericko Williams you think EXPLOSVIE!! He was the most explosive player in camp. He has a great attitude to go alone with his great motor. He has ELITE athleticism. Williams get off the floor very quickly. In the first game alone he had about 8 to 9 dunks catch all types of bodies in the wrong place under the rim. He rebounds the ball very well inside and outside of his area. Runs hard in transition like a deer, and he usually finishes off the break with an empathic dunk. On defense he's a rim protector guards the paint very well from the weak side position. Williams needs work on his ball handling and shooting to get ready for the next level. Coach Murphy on Dericko Williams: 'This kid has elite athleticism. Goes extremely hard after rebounds. Very good at blocking shots on the weak side. Can rebound outside and outside of his area. Needs to work on his shooting from 15-18 feet'. This kid is going to be a force to be recon with. High major prospect! Looking forward to watching this kid's development.

#95 Josh Davis 6'2 Prosper Texas Prosper High 2019

This player just seems to make all the tough shots. Rebounds well for his size. Able to rebound in his area and others. Plays extremely hard and has a great basketball IQ. Knows how to affect the game in many facets. Plays well in transition and he is able to finish with either hand. In the half court he's never standing around; moves well without the ball. Keeps the defense honest by making the player guarding him work. Coach Murphy on Josh Davis: 'Davis plays extremely hard he is a shot maker that can finish with either hand. He is also a good rebounder for his size. Would like to see him extend his range out to the three-point range. Player needs to extend his range out to the three point and he will be a really good looking prospect.