Team 4

Coach: Billy Lassiter

#4: 5'6 '20 AJ Jones of Phillip O. Berry (Charlotte)

Starting things off, we look at a player whose ability to run his unit stood out immediately, AJ Jones. He's a lead guard with great quickness and two-way ability. Offensively, Jones is a quality guard; he's able to score on three levels, handle and distribute the ball, each with great efficiency. On the other end, he's a quality defender, able to mirror his opponent on and off-ball. He plays with sharp wits and doesn't seem bothered by bigger guards defensively. Next in his development process is furthering his IQ for the game; he already has a great feel, but an increased IQ will allow him to be more decisive in scoring opportunities. Coach Lassiter on Jones: 'AJ is small in stature but plays like he is much bigger. He is very quick and has a nice shot from any spot on the floor. AJ plays under control, handles the press with ease and doesn't turn the ball over at all. He sees the floor well and rebounds the ball nicely for his size. AJ is a quality floor leader for any team.' Jones is already years ahead in terms of ability and maturity; he will only continue to get better and an eye should be kept on him going into summer play.

#34: 5'10 '20 Brandon Forest of John Paul II Catholic (Winterville)

Next, we look at a player that exerted great effort and established his presence on the defensive end, Brandon Forest. He's a lead guard that plays with a high motor and often makes the hustle plays. Offensively, he's a decent all-around player, though he's better at penetrating and finishing at the rim. On the other end, he uses his athletic ability to stick to his opponent on and off-ball, proving to be a nice defender. Next in his development process is continuing to refine his three-point shot, as it would open up his offensive game tremendously. Coach Lassiter on Forest: 'Brandon is a raw talented athlete that works hard at all times on defense. He rebounds the ball well and works hard around the basket. Brandon needs to work on ball handling and three-point shooting; he sees the court well but needs to get faster with his decision-making. He showed a great attitude and was a team player.' Forest has shown he has loads of ability and potential still to come; we will be watching him as he enters summer play.

#41: 5'10 '20 DeVante Johnson of Lugoff Elgin (Elgin)

Moving onto a player who made an impression by consistently hitting the glass on both ends of the floor, DeVante Johnson. He's a lead guard with athleticism and some serious potential, as he played hard and competed at all times. Offensively, he is solid at getting into the lane and finishing; he is able to hit spot-up jumpers when open. On the other end of the floor, Johnson is continually getting better and shows promise. Next in his development process is working on his passing ability, as it would allow him to easily generate points for the team. Coach Lassiter on Johnson: 'DeVante is a young talent that should continue working on his overall game. He shoots the ball well when not moving or coming off the dribble. DeVante rebounds at a strong rate but has to remember to involve his teammates. Once he improves his vision and quickness, watch out.' Johnson looked pretty solid throughout camp, and it's up to him to put in the corresponding work towards improving. We will keep an eye on Johnson as he enters the summer season.

#71: 5'11 '19 Edward Wellington of Olympic (Charlotte)

Continuing onto a player whose hard-nosed approach on the defensive end greatly benefited his team, Edward Wellington. He's a guard that causes havoc and has the potential to be an intriguing two-way player down the road. Offensively, he is decent at shooting off the dribble and also gets to the rim pretty well. On the other end, Wellington showcased the ability to be a nice all-around defender and did a quality job shutting down opposing fast breaks. Next in his development process is to work on his spot-up shooting and overall pace when on the court. Coach Lassiter on Wellington: 'Edward rebounds the ball well and plays incredibly tough defense. He has to remember to keep his effort level high, though he does provide a good attitude. When he's locked in, Edward is a nice player, but he will continue to improve.' Wellington looked solid during camp and proved his worth on the defensive end from the very start; he should continue to put in work, but should be a more complete player in time.

#79: 6'0 '18 Trent Dunn of Sanderson (Raleigh)

Next, we look at a player whose ability to shut down the competition on defense made a huge difference, Trent Dunn. He's a nice two-way guard that elevated the team whenever he was on the floor, showing great leadership on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he does a great job getting to the rim and just creating open looks (both for him and teammates) in general. Dunn sees the floor well and is committed to team-first play. On the defensive end, he was never outmatched, able to handle his opponent on nearly every possession. Next in his development process is working on his three-point shot, as the addition would make him a very lethal offensive player and would allow him to carve opponents on three levels. Coach Lassiter on Dunn: 'Trent is one of the quicket guards in any gym with the ball and has an incredibly quick first step. He goes to the basket hard, always under control, reads the defense and sees the floor well. Trent shoots the ball especially well and shoots consistently off the dribble. He had a good attitude, listens to the coaches and willingly plays team ball.' Dunn showed his ability to lead a unit and scored at a nice rate, right around 10.3 PPG. He will be on our radar as he enters a critical summer season.

#109: 6'1 '20 Issac Spainhour of West Stokes (King)

Moving onto a player whose basketball IQ and ability to move without the ball set him above others, Issac Spainhour. He's a guard that can play off-ball or as the lead; he creates shots well, especially off the dribble. Offensively, his best avenue to points is through barreling his way towards the rim, taking defenders with him. On the other end, he's a solid all-around defender, using his combination of IQ and positioning to maintain the opposition. Next in his development process is working on his overall quickness and rebounding ability, as both additions would make him a more complete player. Coach Lassiter on Spainhour: 'Issac gives you his all every second on the floor, makes everyone on the floor better, and has a nice basketball IQ. He makes the right pass at the right time and has nice on his jumper spanning out to the three-point line. Issac handles the ball well with both hands and defends the ball strong. He's got good court vision and sees the whole floor.' Spainhour showcased some nice skills at camp and should only continue to get better as he enters the summer season. He is young and full of potential, should be one worth keeping an eye on.

#116: 6'2 '18 Hayden Cassell of Dobyns Bennett (Kingsport)

Next, we look at a player that made his coach among the happiest people in the gym, Hayden Cassell. He's a high IQ wing with the ability to play as the secondary ball handler in a pinch, as he creates well for himself and others. Offensively, he scores well all three levels and does a great job distributing the ball when given the opportunity. On the other end, Cassell proved to be among the teams' best defensive players, putting forth a fantastic effort on and off-ball. His high motor was one of the first things you notice about Cassell when watching him play. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ability to shoot off the dribble, as it would allow him to essentially annihilate opposing defenses. Coach Lassiter on Cassell: 'Hayden is a coaches dream; he gives you 100% once he walks into the gym. He dives for loose balls, plays relentless defense and takes the charge, hard to ask for more. Hayden sees the floor well and makes the right passes frequently. He's a really fundamental player with a quick release on his jumper and penetrates to the basket strong. Hayden can put the ball on the floor and dribbles well with either hand; his attitude is something I wish every ball player had.' That is some very high praise from coach, but it's all in truth, as Cassell performed quite well throughout camp and has the potential to play at the next level.

#145: 6'4 '18 Timothy Boulware of Dudley (Greensboro)

Moving onto a player that penetrated into the lane whenever he wanted and was among the top scorers at camp, Timothy Boulware. He's a wing that plays quite well without the ball; he knows how to find open space and finish strong. Offensively, he's looking to get off the dribble and force his way towards the rim, where nobody could seem to stop him as he went on to average 16.3 PPG. On the other end, Boulware relies on his nice athleticism to play sound on-ball defense and has a knack for occupying all his opponents' airspace. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his jumper, especially from three, as it would open up his offensive abilities tremendously. Coach Lassiter on Boulware: 'Timothy works hard around the basketball; he goes to the basket very hard and finishes once he gets to the rim. He's got a quick first step and proved to be an excellent leaper that gets off the floor quickly. Timothy rebounds well and is relentless hitting the glass on both ends of the floor. He plays well with his back to the basket and has nice footwork. Showed his ability to be a good defender, both on and off-ball. He plays a lot bigger than his listed 6'4 frame. Timothy finishes well with either hand around the basket and is a very nice player.' There's no doubting Boulware's production throughout camp and we will certainly keep an eye on him as he heads into the summer season.

#152: 6'4 '19 Cliff Harris of Calvary Day School (Mocksville)

Continuing onto a player whose phenomenal fundamentals and IQ made a difference for his team, Cliff Harris. He's a wing that isn't about flash, but rather about playing intelligent basketball and doing whatever necessary to put his team in a better position to win. Offensively, he scores really well on three levels and is equally effective with the ball in his hands as he is off-ball. On the other end of the floor, Harris is a pesky defender that uses angles and footwork to force his opponent into a corner. Next in his development process is working on his overall quickness, as it would make him impossible to guard on the offensive end and an even better defender. Coach Lassiter on Harris: 'Cliff is a very coachable young man and works harder than anyone on the floor. He's a relentless defender on and off the ball; he rebounds well and has good moves around the basket. Cliff shoots the jumper nicely off the dribble and plays quality team ball. He handles the ball well in the open floor with pressure and sees the entire court. He's a fundamentally sound player and great floor leader.' Harris is already a really nice all-around player and went on to average 11.7 PPG during camp. There's no doubt we will see him again before summer is up and we will continue to watch him improve.

#181: 6'7 '17 Matthew Garay of Beaufort (Beaufort)

Finishing up, we look at a player whose ability to control the paint and glass for his team played a major factor, Matthew Garay. He's a big man that holds his own on both ends of the floor and has a fairly high IQ. Offensively, he has a nice arsenal of post moves and displayed an ability to knock down midrange jumpers around the elbows. On the other end of the floor, Garay used his size and length, blocking a considerable amount of shots and anchoring the defense. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his overall quickness, as it would allow him to punish opponents for mistakes easier. Coach Lassiter on Garay: 'Matthew is a hard-working young man around the basket; he's a good rebounder that keeps his feet moving and knows how to position his body for those rebounds. He shows nice footwork around the basket and finishes strong. Matthew is an excellent passer out of the high post and in the open floor; he has the ability to shoot the 12-15 footer, and covert, on a regular basis. He listens to the coaches and takes criticism well.' Garay certainly showed out, averaging 14 PPG during camp and putting the full arsenal on display. The unsigned senior could definitely find himself playing college ball before next season.