#14 5'8' 2017 Shaquice Futrell of The Academy at Smith (Greensboro, NC)
Futrell is a team guy who displayed a great attitude throughout camp. He is a nice physical guard with an above average handle and court vision. Futrell's camp coach stated, 'Shaquice is a sturdy guard with a good motor who showed the ability to finish through contact.' As he continues to improve we would like to see him continue working on his jump shot and range.

#23 5'9' 2019 Keon Lassiter of Smithfield Selma HS (Smithfield, NC)
Lassiter is a very good defender who showed great effort and team play throughout the event. He displayed a very quick first step, able to get into the lane where he was comfortable finishing or distributing. Lassiter's camp coach stated, 'Keon is a very shifty guard who is able to finish at the rim.'

#61 5'11' 2020 Stephen McLamb of Burlington Homeschool (Burlington, NC)
McLamb went through camp showing a great attitude as well as being a very good shooter and possessing a high IQ off the ball. McLamb's camp coach stated, 'Stephen is a very good shooter when his feet are set. He plays with a good pace and is a good team player.' The next step in his game will be working on getting into the lane more.

#89 6' 2019 Garrett Phillips of Holly Springs HS (Holly Springs, NC)
Phillips opened a lot of eyes during camp. He displayed great effort and excellent ability to shoot the ball, both off the catch and the bounce. Phillips has a good handle on the ball and a very confident attitude in the game. Phillips' camp coach stated, 'Garrett is a pure shooter who is also able to get to the rim. He is a great team player.' Phillips' next step in his development will be to continue to gain strength.

#98 6'1' 2020 Marcus Banks of Lafayette HS (Williamsburg, VA)
Banks is a tough player who excels within the confines of a team with great attitude and effort. What really stuck out about Banks was his willingness, and ability, to perform the tough guy stuff (defense, rebounds etc…). Banks' camp coach stated, 'Marcus is an all-around player without real deficiency. He plays great defense and finished well around the rim. He was a great backside rebounder.' The next step in Banks' development will be continuing to be more vocal on the floor.

#126 6'2' 2018 Joshua Reid of North Davidson HS (Winston-Salem, NC)
Reid smiled non-stop throughout the event, he had a great attitude and showed to be a natural leader on the floor. He thrived when the game got up-tempo and displayed ability to shoot, pass and handle. Reid's camp coach stated, 'Joshua is a streaky player. He plays a fast-paced game and is a good team player.' The next step in Reid's development will be to give consistent effort on both sides of the ball.

#135 6'3' 2018 Paulius Kasteckas of Rabun Gap School (Rabun Gap, Ga)
Kasteckas was a great team player who showed to be almost like a coach on the floor. He displayed great vision as well as being advanced in the finer parts of the game (angles, footwork, use of off-hand, etc…). Kasteckas camp coach stated, 'Paulius provided a presence. He passed the ball well and was able to lead the break with a pitch-ahead pass.'

#162 6'4' 2018 Cameron Whiteside of Thomasville HS (Thomasville, NC)
Whiteside is a team player and does all his damage within the confines of a team concept. He has good length, deep range and the ability to finish at all 3 levels. Whiteside also has the makings of a very good defender when you piece together his length, athleticism and motor. Whiteside's camp coach stated, 'Cameron finishes above the rim, he is quick for his position and consistently hits the 3 ball.' Whiteside is still coming into his own as a very good player. Watch closely here.

#167 6'5' 2019 Jace McKenney of South Brunswick (Supply, NC)
McKenney turned a lot of heads throughout camp. He is a maximum effort wing who rebounded and defended with a purpose. He also has great length and is extremely athletic as he hung out on the rims all day long. McKenney's camp coach stated, 'Jace played the 1 through 3 today for us. He has a great presence in the paint and at the rim. A natural team leader and Jace is extremely athletic.' We look forward to watching Jace compete at the North Carolina Top 80 on March 12.

#171 6'5' 2020 Cason Pierce of Greensboro Day (Greensboro, NC)
There was no doubt in what Pierce is, he knows it, he displays it and he plays toward his strengths. Pierce showed good footwork and post moves on the block. He has good hands and vision on the floor. Pierce's camp coach stated, 'Cason was a dominant post player today. He scores the ball but is also willing to sacrifice for his team. Cason is also able to finish above the rim.' As he continues to develop it will be excited to see his ball handling and range continue to grow.