No. 26 5'9 '18 Josh Sturdivant of Forest Hills HS (NC)

Josh is a quick and fearless PG that has the ability to dribble penetrate into the teeth of the defense. He was constantly getting into the paint and has the ability to be a score in traffic. Coach Doughty stated,'Josh had some good open looks and was able to convert. He is a very good open court passer.'

With this size, the next step in his development is more of a team facilitator and become more vocal. Josh has good quickness and outstanding ball handling skills and it will be important for him to showcase his all around game. He gives maximum effort and made a huge impression with his hustle and full throttle approach. Without question, Josh plays with passion and with tremendous heart.

No. 38 5'10 '21 Carter Whitt of Trinity (NC)

It's hard to imagine Carter is only in the seventh grader. Simply put, he is advanced beyond his age/grade and his potential and upside are crazy good! We were so impressed with his poise, maturity and overall skill set and to think he has another year at the middle school level is scary. While we don't want to put too much pressure on the talented young player, he has all the ingredients, attributes and intangibles to become a truly special player. Coach Doughty stated, 'Carter has a lot of skill for his age. He will need to learn how to switch gears from high to low. He is a great passer sometimes threading the needle. He has tremendous upside, He can shoot, pass, dribble and rebound. Wow!''This is our 13th year of doing the Phenom 150 camps and there haven't been many players come down the pike with his skill set, IQ and knowledge of the game at such an early young age.

No. 55 5'11 '18 Desmond Simpson of Cleveland HS (TN)

Desmond demonstrated an excellent attitude, basketball IQ and played with tremendous effort the entire day. However, we were most impressed with his team first approach to the game. He has good ball handling skills but was equally happy making the assist as he was scoring. Coach Doughty stated,'Desmond didn't try to score a lot, however he made his presence known in other ways. He played great defense and moved well without the ball. He went after rebounds like a big man.''Overall, Desmond is your typical 'glue guy' that every team needs and cherishes. He is going to do all the little things that often get overlooked but are necessary for team wins! As he continues to develop, he will need to become somewhat more aggressive scoring simply to keep the defenses honest.

No. 83 6'0 '19 Dorian Williams of Greenville HS (SC)

Dorian already has a very mature approach and demonstrated poise throughout the day. He has an excellent attitude and we loved his team first approach. Dorian was very unselfish and blended right in with our 3-dribble rule. Coach Doughty stated it best,''Dorian moved well without the ball. He was a great teammate all day. He didn't force up shots, which are good, and he took advantage of his opportunities when they came.' More than anything, he had a outstanding attitude.''Only a freshman, Dorian has been well coached and knows how to play in a team structure. The next step in his development is to continue working on his skill set and enhancing his overall athletic ability especially his lateral quickness.

No. 90 6'1 '18 Garrett Flinchum of West Stokes HS (NC)

Garrett demonstrated an outstanding attitude throughout the day. He has a high basketball and is fundamentally sound. We really liked his shooting touch, mechanics and ability to get his shot off against quicker and more athletic players. Coach Doughty stated,''Garrett shot the ball extremely well, but what really impressed me the most was his ability to listen and use what was being taught. He has good size and knowledge of the game. Garrett moved well without the ball and has a great release on his shot.'

Garrett is quite effective in a catch and shoot situation and as he matures and develops, the next step is to be more effective in creating his own shot off the dribble. Garrett has the 'know how' and ability to become an outstanding scorer. If he continues to grow and develop, he has an opportunity to play at the next appropriate level. Shooters are always in high demand!

No. 97 6'1 '18 Mitchell Singletary of Grace Christian (NC)

Mitchell simply had an awesome day at camp. He made a big impression on us with his overall play on both ends of the court, but his hot shooting display. Coach Doughty stated,''Mitchell ran the floor all day and scored repeatedly. He had a good day of shooting and scoring in transition. He played great team defense.''While Mitchell had a great day of scoring, he did it all within the framework of the offense. He scored when opportunities presented it to him. We were impressed with his long range perimeter shooting and the next step in his development is to utilize a shot/head fake and be able to create a midrange shot off the dribble. This alone would make him more effective as an overall scorer.

No. 157 6'3 '17 Tazmine Dunn of Asheboro HS (NC)

Tazmine is a very athletic and explosive wing that is most effective in transition and scoring from hustle points. He has a knack of being at the right place at the right time. Coach Doughty stated,''Tazmine had a great overall day. He didn't shoot it great, but he was able to get countless rebounds and put backs for his points. Tazmine has excellent hands and ran the floor extremely well.''Tazmine has the ability to become a lock down defender once he puts his mind to it. If he continues to fine-tune his game and keeps working hard, Tazmine has the opportunity to become a really outstanding player. We really liked his blue-collar approach to the game and overall effort.

No. 165 6'3 '18 LaS'auhn McFadden of Trinity Brynes Collegiate (SC)

LaS'auhn simply has the physical tools to play at the next level. We were impressed with his raw athleticism and explosiveness. Coach Doughty stated,''LaS'auhn has incredible hops his size. He is a high riser. He is a tremendous rebounder and is so quick off his feet.''More importantly, we were impressed with his relentless approach to the game. He has high tenacity and takes a 'no prisoner' attitude on the court. LaS'auhn is a true competitor and will give you maximum effort 100% of the time. He's a fantastic finisher and definitely has the potential to play at the next level. With his elite level athleticism, he just needs to continue working on his game and overall skill set. That alone will go a long way in his long-term development.

No. 182 6'5 '17 Jeffrey Puckett of Avery County HS (NC)

Jeffrey has been a regular of the NC Phenom 150 camp and also a member of the prestigious NC Top 80 camp. Standing a lengthy 6'5, Jeffrey has long arms and good leaping ability. He can score from all three levels on the court and may be most effective in creating his own shot off the dribble, especially the midrange jumper. Coach Doughty stated,''Jeffrey ran the floor really well. He knows how to get out on the break. He has quick hands and feet and knows how to use his size. He's such a smart player and easy to like his game.''Jeffrey has the ability to score quickly and as an abundant array of offensive weapons. Whether he is knocking downs shots off the catch and shoot or creating his own shot off the dribble, Jeffrey is such a dangerous offensive weapon and will be able to play at the next level if he continues to work on his game.

No. 190 6'6 '17 Brandon Sturdivant of West Stanley (NC)

Brandon is quite an intriguing prospect. He has excellent size, athleticism and a matching skill set. Simply put, Brandon has all the tools and ingredients to take his game to the next level. Coach Doughty stated,''Brandon has the right size, however when he drives to the rim, he needs to go all the way. He has tremendous hops and rebounded really well.''That being said, Brandon is only starting to scratch the surface on his long range potential. If he continues to work on his game with his current and unequalled athleticism, the sky is the limit. We were really impressed with his quickness and footwork for his size.' In our opinion, he has the tools to take his game to the next level.