Full team evaluations from the NC Phenom 150 in Greensboro

Qmar Stroman – #25, 5'7

'Qmar played as hard as he could all day.' Unfortunately he had a knee injury and wasn't himself.' He should be a decent ball handler and was quick on the floor before his knee injury.' He really showed poise on the court with a good attitude for the game.' His release on his shot was good and as mentioned before, he showed that he could fly around the court.' He can still work in areas such as defense on and off the ball and his passing ability.'

Tiante Spinja – #49, 5'10

'Tiante is a hardworking, lockdown defender on the court, no matter who he is up against.' I love that he brought that attitude to the camp setting, something more players need to bring.' I would like to see him work on his jump shot to have a more complete game.' Overall, he displayed maximum effort on the court, a great attitude, and good quickness, especially defensively.' He also excelled in areas such as team play, ability to finish, and rebounding.'

David Mosley – #63, 5'11

'David is great at getting to the basket and finishing at the rim, while taking contact.' I loved his defense as well on the court.' He needs to improve in areas such as his jump shot to play at the next level but there is a lot to like about him.' He showed that he could hit shots at times with a solid release.' But he penetrated the lane with his quickness and moved well without the ball as well.'

Taji Moore – #87, 6'0

'Taji is a true leader and brings it on both ends of the court.' I love how vocal he is with his team and he shows that enjoys getting his teammates involved with his passing ability; doing that more than scoring the ball.' If Taji improves his jump shot a little more, he will have college coaches all over him.' Overall, though, Taji is an excellent point guard and does so many things a college coach wants on the floor.' Watch for him this summer.'

Greyson Collins – #101, 6'1

'Greyson is a flat out scorer; he is wired that way.' He can hit the three ball anywhere on the court and get to the lane just as easy.' He is a combo guard naturally but shows good vision as well.' Greyson needs to add some muscle to guard players at the next level but his skill is there.' There is no doubt that this kid can score at the next level and college coaches should really be looking at him.'

Jordan Minlend – #124, 6'2

'Jordan's game reminds me of Paul Pierce.' He has a smooth shot and can play on the block. I would like to see Jordan work the ball around more and move with the ball.' Jordan though showed that he puts the effort and has the attitude to succeed, along with his ability to score with his back to the basket, his penetration ability and finishing ability, and his quickness.'

Deshaun Taylor – #160, 6'4

'Deshaun is an athlete that jumps over everyone and finishes well around the rim. He is a great teammate and plays well within the offense.' Deshaun would make a college program very happy with what he can do.' His ability to finish, rebound, along with his athleticism, team play, and attitude all stood out at the camp.'

Jonah Watson – #173, 6'5

'Jonah is a solid player with a good mid-range jump shot.' He plays well within an offense and gives good effort on both ends of the court.' He still needs to continue working on his rebounding skills and defense, but overall, had a solid day.' He really showed that he has nice range on his shot, he shoots the ball well with his mechanics, and played with a great attitude.'

Destin Clark – #185, 6'1

'Destin is a bully on both ends of the court.' A point guard with a running back type frame.' He gets to the basket with ease and finishes consistently all day long.' If he can get a consistent jumper, he is absolutely a Division I talent.' Clark was unique that he could play several positions with his physical play, showing he had tremendous back to the basket moves, penetration ability, rebounding, and shooting capabilities.' Keep an eye on him.'

Timothy McMillan – #186, 5'9

'Tim is a garbage man.' He picks up everything around the basket and puts it back in the hoop.' He has an unorthodox shot but t he had a knack for putting in the basket on multiple occasions.' I'd like to see him use his teammates more but he really excelled on the boards throughout the camp.'