#11:'5'7 '20 Addison Lawrence of Northside Christian (Charlotte)

To start things off we look at a young guard that already shows huge leadership qualities and flashes the ability to be an intriguing player, Addison Lawrence. He's a lead guard with a tight handle; looks to get teammates involved whenever possible and is more of a true point than a scoring guard. Most of his shots came within the offensive scheme, as he doesn't often force looks. Lawrence is a solid defender and overall two-way player; he displays a quality understanding for the game, especially for his age. Next in his development process is continuing to extend his range out to the three-pointer, he hits it from time to time, but could certainly utilize the added threat. Coach Gary on Lawrence: 'Addison was able to handle the ball really well going both ways. He did really well shooting the ball from midrange. In addition, he didn't try to force many of his shots, but did well passing to the open man. Not afraid to take the ball to the basket either. Will need to improve his long range shooting, as well as his catch and shoot ability in order to take his game to the next level.' 'As Lawrence enters just his first year at Northside Christian he will look to prove himself, and likely will, coming off his strong camp play.

#24:'5'9 '19 Jordan Cooper of SE Raleigh Magnet (Raleigh)

Next, we look at a point guard that really strutted his two-way ability, including a deadly offensive arsenal throughout camp, Jordan Cooper. He's very well rounded on offense, able to handle and distribute the ball at an incredibly efficient rate. Beyond that, Cooper is quite the effective scorer and can score on all three levels; possesses the ability to manipulate defenses almost at will. Next in his development process is just continuing to get better off-ball, as this would really open up his ability to attack from all angles. Coach Gary on Cooper: 'Jordan is a savvy point guard with a great understanding of the game. He's good at creating shots for himself, and when the defense collapses he creates shots for others. Can shoot on all three levels; he displayed a great attitude, as he took criticism well and does not shy away from taking the leadership role. Jordan should continue working on catch and shoot opportunities as well as driving to the basket more. A great ball handler with strength and ability to score against contact.' Cooper really stood out among strong lead guards throughout camp and should carry his level of play into his sophomore season at SE Raleigh Magnet.

#25:'5'9 '20 Jarius Dickerson of Piedmont (Monroe)

Moving onto a young guard whose energy and intensity drew the attention of many in attendance, Jarius Dickerson. He's an off-guard that does most of his offensive work through cutting, leading to immediate shots. Dickerson plays with a high motor on both ends and really gets after loose balls; has a knack for off-ball defense. He's still young and constantly progressing, there's reason to believe he will continue to get better. Next in his development process is improving his shooting and ball handling abilities, as he would be able to toggle between guard spots and create for others in a pinch. Coach Gary on Dickerson: 'Jarius worked hard the whole time on the floor. He was involved on both sides of the court; moves well without the ball, cutting to the basket and getting open for shots. If there is an area he needs to work on, it would be ball handling and jump shooting in addition to foot speed and explosiveness.' Dickerson should continue working to improve as he enters his freshman season at Piedmont.

#81:'6'0 '19 Justin Matthews of Eastern Guilford (Greensboro)

Continuing on with a player that was willing to get his hands dirty constantly in order to award his team with extra possessions, Justin Matthews. He's a guard with a decent frame, moves well without the ball on both sides of the floor and plays with a high motor at all times. Offensively, Matthews is able to take defenders off the dribble and get to the basket fairly well. Next in his development process is to work on his ball skills, both handling and shooting; these necessary attributes could bring his game to new heights offensively. Coach Gary on Matthews: 'Justin is a great team player. He rebounds, passes, steals, and defends; he's all over the court when he plays. Justin is good at putting his head down and getting to the basket; he needs to continue working on his jump shot and ball handling.' Matthews will continue to improve his offensive attack as he enters his sophomore season at Eastern Guilford.

#106:'6'1 '18 Gabriel Dickerson of Atlantic Shores (Suffock)

Next, we look at a player that showed glimpses of greatness through his intense two-way play during camp, Gabriel Dickerson. He's an off-guard but can handle the ball in a pinch and defends two or three positions effectively, depending on the situation. Dickerson's offensive approach comes off the dribble and around the rim, where he finishes at exceptionally high rates. On the other end of the floor, he is a really nice all-around defender that displays a high IQ and knows when and where the help defense is coming from. There aren't many holes in his game, really stood out against opposing guards. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his jump shot and extending his range to a reliable jumper from deep. Coach Gary on Dickerson: 'Gabriel is a superior athlete that is deceptively quick and strong. He can get his shot off against bigger guys and can post up smaller guys effectively; he has good midrange scoring ability and can go left or right. In transition, he is a highlight waiting to happen; is a quality defender on the defensive end. To take his game to the next level, he needs to continue working on his jump shooting and ball handling.' Dickerson showcased his ability to play at a high level throughout camp and should carry that into his junior season at Atlantic Shores.

#134:'6'2 '18 Austin James of Canisius (Charlotte)

Moving onto a player that really left his mark as a jack-of-all-trades type of player during camp, Austin James. He's a wing that has really nice qualities across the board; he can player either wing position or even serve as the secondary ball handler in some lineups. James can get a shot on his own or create for others; plays high IQ basketball and makes defenders work off-ball through down screens. Defensively, he is able to play both on and off-ball at a high level, and slides between passing lanes regularly. Next in his development process is to improve his off the bounce game; he could benefit from driving to the basket more often, as it would keep defenses accountable for him on three levels constantly. Coach Gary on James: 'James is a solid all-around player. He comes off of screens well to get his shot off; shoots well off the catch and is a solid pull-up shooter. His court awareness is fantastic; he knows where to be at all times and has a great sense on both sides of the ball. It will be extremely beneficial if he improves his drive to the basket and full court ball handling ability.' James showed his ability to play both sides of the ball really effectively and should carry his momentum into his junior season at Canisius.

#160:'6'3 '18 Josh Price of Covenant Day (Charlotte)

Continuing on with a silky-smooth jump shooter that must be accounted for at all times and poses a supreme threat when left open, Josh Price. He's a wing that could be a seamless fit at the small forward position if he continues to grow into his long frame. His offensive game is mostly off-ball as a floor spacer but he understands how to get others involved and is willing to make the extra pass. His shooting is deadly on all three levels and shows off incredible shot form with textbook balance and mechanics. Next in his development process is building his game in other facets; he must get quicker and stronger on defense, as his offense is certainly beyond his defensive capabilities right now. Coach Gary on Price: 'Josh is a high basketball IQ player that is a pure jump shooter with long range shooting ability. He's exceptional off the catch and off the pull-up, can hit either from anywhere on the floor. To improve, he needs to get strong and more aggressive attacking the basket and get better with his on-ball defense. If he does these things, the sky is the limit for Josh.' Price is a really intriguing prospect and buzz will only continue to generate as he improves his game.

#174:'6'4 '18 KJ Watson of Winston-Salem Prep (Winston-Salem)

Next, we look at a wing that has an offensive game that rivals that of a polished big man, KJ Watson. Though he possesses the perimeter skills necessary to get his shot off the dribble, he prefers taking his man to either the high or low post and throwing body around the basket. Watson's jump shot is solid but he takes advantage of his size and athletic ability; finishes well with both hands. He's a quality rebounder and defender, has no issue getting motivated to put in work on the glass; moves extremely well when playing defense on and off the ball. Next in his development process is to continue refining his jump shot, as he would have zero holes within his game if he could put together a formidable jumper. Coach Gary on Watson: 'KJ has tremendous footwork in the with the ability to step out and hit the 18-19 footer regularly. He's great on the pivot, reverse pivot and back to the basket moves while remaining very active as a rebounder on both ends. KJ is a solid defender and works hard on every possession. In addition, he works extremely well with other teammates. If he continues to work on his jump shooting, he will make a name for himself.' As Watson progresses and becomes a fully complete player he should enjoy a quality junior season at Winston-Salem Prep.

#188:'6'0 '17 Jacob Whitley of West Stanly (Locust)

Finishing up with a guard that won over the heart of everyone in attendance with his intense, hard-nosed play, Jacob Whitley. He's a strong scorer inside the arc and can get to the rim whenever he pleases; has no issues stopping on a dime and pulling up from midrange. Whitley has learned how to burn opponents through smart off-ball play and often finds himself getting strong looks off screens. Defensively, he is able to guard multiple positions very effectively and moves his feet exceptionally well on both ends. Next in his development process is to continue extending his range beyond the three-point line, as this would put him on path to becoming an all-around monster. Coach Gary on Whitley: 'Jacob is one of the most hard-nosed players I've ever seen. He's very aggressive in attacking the basket; can go either way with the ball and score with a nice pull-up shot. Jacob is a hard-nosed defender that is not afraid to guard any position. To take his game to the next level, he needs to continue working on his long range shooting.' Whitley's blue-collar approach to the game was a refreshing sight and he should continue his rugged play into his senior season at West Stanley.

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