#73 Jahleel Deberry 6'0 Winston-Salem NC 2020

The first player up is Jahleel Deberry. This player is very young in his high school career he's in the class of 2020. He already has a great attitude and is very receptive to criticism which is a skill that is very important to be a good basketball player. He excels at being a good team player and does will moving without the basketball. Coach Perry on Jahleel Deberry: 'Jahleel rebounds well for a guard. He gets after it on the defensive side of the ball. He needs to work on his mid-range and ball handling. This player a good teammate.' Jaheel has a couple things to work on to improve his game. His has the right attitude and work ethic to get it done.

#31 Martez Martin 5'10 Raleigh NC Milbrook High 2020

Not many players could match the heart and effort that Martez Martin brought to the floor every game. He just has an awesome motor on him. He never gave up on plays and he always had a positive attitude on the floor. Martin is another young player that will get better the more he plays. He's also a freshman so he is young in his high career. He has elite quickness and likes to move without the basketball. Moving without the basketball makes the defense works. Undisciplined defense breaks down and it leads to easy baskets. He moved around really well and knock down a couple of wide open jump shots. Coach Perry on Martez Martin: 'Really good all-around player. Listens to directions very well. Really gets after it on the defensive end of the floor. Good midrange jump shot. Needs to continue to get stronger and work on his three point shot.'

#49 Will Coble 5'10 Huntersville NC Davidson Day 2020

Kid has range on his jump shot that extends all the way out to the three-point line. He has a great attitude is the ultimate team player. He is able to take criticism well from the coach and go out and execute on the fly. His defense good but it has room for improvement. Especially since Coble has the size and the quickness to be a good defender on and off the ball. Coach Perry on Will Coble: 'I really enjoyed coaching this kid. He is a very good catch and shoot player.' If he spends a little time in the weight room the next two years he will see his stock rise.

#53 Landon Sutton Oak Ridge NC Northwest Guilford High

At first glimpse of this kid you would say that why is this kid even out here! But when that ball is jumped this kid turns in to a monster. He only stands 5'11 and that a stretch but he has game! I absolutely love this kids game. He has a very high IQ and knows how to run a team efficiently. He gets his guys in the right spots. Has an excellent attitude. Effort is relentless on both side of the court. He has excellent court vision and always finds the open man. He can shoot it off the dribble or off the catch and shoot. He's handle was really good the hesitation dribble keeps defenders off balance all day as he continued to get in the lane at will to create shots for himself and his teams. Coach Perry had this to say about Landon Sutton. 'Sutton is a coach's dream lead guard. He controls the tempo of the game. He can score from all over the court. Good three point shot and makes great decisions in the pick and roll. Needs to get strong and quicker'. Sutton is a hard worker and every time I see him he looks better. His high school will happy to have him this year. Looking for a special year out of him.

#137 Trevor Hensley'6'2 Erwin, TN'Unicoi County

Trevor Hensley is a good heady player that plays the game the right way. He has a very good attitude with a solid basketball IQ. He is also a good team player. On offense you will never catch him standing in one spot he always moving around or setting screens for his other teammates. He rebounds well for his position he did well rebounding the ball starting the breaks getting out and transition and finishing at them rim. Coach Perry added that Trevor is a very coachable young man.' Boxes out and goes after every rebound. Has a very good mid-range shot. Always stays positive and encourages his team mates. Needs to continue to work on his three point shot and his handle.' Needs to working on these things to be a combo grade he defiantly has the size.

#157 Mason Bowers 6'3 High Point NC High Point Central 2020

Mason Bowers has a lot of good things working for him in his young high school career that's about to start really soon. He gives maximum effort and plays well with his team. He had some great back to the basket moves that were on display this weekend. He hustler with a great motor. Love the way he hustled to get back on defense in transition to stop the ball. He has all the tools to be a long down defender with his length. Would like to see him communicate more on the defensive side of the ball. I'm sure that is something that his high school coach will emphasis on. Coach Perry said 'Mason does a good job of defending both ends and post players. He has a good handle for a forward. Needs to work on quickness and three-point shoot. He listens to the coach and goes and does what is asked of him.' Coaches loves a kid that they can give instructions too and they go out and execute.

# 141 Graeme Majus Alanta Georgia Oakhill NC Academy 2017

Graeme Majus has great size to play the guard position. Kid has a great frame on him. Because of his frame he is about to clear out space rebound at a high rate for his position. He is a great shooter. He's able to get body squared up and knock down the three point shot very consistently. I like how doesn't force the game and lets it come to him. Majus never takes a play off his play kept his team in every game all day. He needs to work on his off the ball defense. Coach Perry on Majus: 'He's a deadly three-point shooter and passes the ball well also. He is good in the open floor and really excel in pick and roll plays.' Would like to see attack the basket more to set up his outside shot. If he makes these few minor adjustments to his game he's going to be a really good player.

#11 Kevin Zima Asheville NC Regan High 2020

Kevin Zima displayed is a very coachable player. This weekend he showed off his good attitude and gives good effort on the basketball court. The good thing about Kevin is that he is very young. He has a lot of tools that will help him develop his basketball game. He shoots the ball pretty good from two point and three-point range. But if he works on his mechanic he can be a knock down shooter. You can just Look at Zima game see that he has a lot of potential but just needs to play and get more experience. You can tell from watch his teammates around him that they really enjoyed playing with him. Coach Perry on Zima: 'Great team player, and a very coachable kid. Good midrange jump shot. Needs to develop more range on three point shot and be more consistent.' He has great fundament skills and should develop nicely in the next three years.

# 179 Drake Thompson 6'4 Durham NC Northern Guilford

Drake Thompson is a 6'4 forward that has a solid attitude and plays the game with a lot of effort. He has great size for his position. Right now he really excels on the defensive side of the ball. He played really good defense on and off the ball. He has great anticipation skills which helps him to be very effective playing defense in transition. He boxes out and rebounds really well for his position. On offense he has really good post moves in the paint would like to finish a little more consistently. Coach Perry on Drake: 'Very strong in the post finishes well around the rim. He's a rebounding machine. Needs to work on his midrange jumps and ball handling'. If he adds some ball handling skills and a midrange shot to his arsenal he will beat a great college prospect.

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