Here are some standouts from the NC Phenom 150 from Jason Porter

Team 3

Amilla Huggins, 5'10 2019 G at Ben L. Smith HS – Compact guard can get on you in a hurry when rolling downhill. Game grew on me as the day went on. Solid all 3 games here today.

Jamarius Hairston, 6'4 2018 G at Jesse Carson HS – Kid showed out all day long. Nothing here not to like from this powerful wing.

Jayden Beloti, 6'2 2020 G at Apex Friendship HS – 3 games played and was a standout in all 3. Young man shows well in this type of up and down format. Look forward to seeing how he fares when the game slows down.

Team 5

Luke Davis, 6'7 2019 F at Sounth Central HS – We have seen several young big men go to work today and Luke was one of the better ones. Easy dunker in the lane who is also comfortable facing up or with the ball in his hands. Impressive showing here today.

Greyson Tejeda 5'11 2017 G at Hargrave Military – Solid glue type player you want your guards to be. Will make the great pass as well as the routine one. Will go to the glass if needed and can look to score as well. Solid piece to have on the floor in this format.

Dantre Harvey, 6'4 2018 W at Western Alamance HS – Powerful wing is a load when he turns it on. Easy riser attacks the game which leads to some highlight moments especially in the open floor.

Team 9

Corey Hudgins, 5'7 2018 G at Wheatmore HS – 3 games in and this kid still is running on a full tank it looks like. This kids game is built on energy and hustle. Tells you all you need to know about him as a player that he's still going this hard at the end of the day.

Desmond Walls, 6'3 2017 G at York Prep (SC) – The senior guard has put on a show all day. When talent fails the pure athlete prevails. Desmond proved that out today.

Jake Ledbetter, 6'1 2020 W at Ledford HS – Hot shooter kept the hot hand going in this one. He was simply out of his mind from deep today. Kid has a bright future.

Team 11

Gavin Rains, 6'4 2019 F at Wheatmore HS – Kid was in beast mode in this one, especially in first half. Young big hit several from deep, worked the glass, and even threw out multiple shots for good measure. Tougher than he looks and was a lot of fun to watch.

Adama Kpaan Jr., 6'2 2018 W at Rabun Gap – Undersized power player flat out went to work on the glass. Strong player gets it with motor, strength, and determination.

Addison Lawrence, 5'7 2020 G at Northside Christian – Compact young guard showed up all over the box score in this one. He has good handles, vision, and makes plays. Look forward to seeing how his game develops.

Team 15

Tyler High 6'3 2017 F at First Flight HS – This kid has been as steady a performer as we have seen all day on court 3. What we saw in game one was same as we saw in game 2 and 3. Kid comes out and does his job. Rebounds, hustle, defense, and points … He gave us all he had today and it was appreciated.

Ryan Ayers, 6'5 2019 F at West Forsyth HS – Kid is must see TV. He can score anyway you need him too. We had a lot of fun today watching him work. Softest touch for a player his size here today.

Cameron Phonebarger, 6'5 2019 F at Union Academy – Game got stronger as the day went on. The more he learns to trust what he can do the more we expect his game to take off.

Team 17

Brad Halvorsen, 5'11 2019 G at Christ School – We have seen Brad a few times and each time we have he's been as solid as they come. Kid understands the game and just makes plays wherever he plays.

Thoms Butkus, 6'3 2018 F at Rabun Gap – Kid can pass the ball with the best of them. He goes a bit fancy at times but no denying his vision out on the floor. Willing to work the glass as well.

Deuce Franklin, 6'5 2018 F at Porter Ridge HS – We like his size and motor up and down the floor. Willingness to hustle leads to a full box score.