No. 167, 6'2' 2019 Nicholas Tybenn Sturm ' Cabell Midland HS (Hurricane, WV)

The senior guard has a good frame on him as a primary ball-handler. His productivity on both sides of the ball stands out especially, as he does best at stripping the ball from opponents and converting two points on the other end by finishing or dishing to an open teammate. I really like Sturm's confidence and patience when he has the ball in a half-court setting. He's highly capable of creating his own shot but also does well in finding open shooters and/or cutters around the perimeter.

No. 220, 6'6' 2020 Traymond Willis-Shaw ' Westover HS (Fayetteville, NC)

The long athletic wing has a Giannis Antetokounmpo-type style to his game. Once he gets a piece of the paint, it's hard to stop him from finishing, even with a lot of contact. Willis-Shaw doesn't necessarily have the look of a strong guy but indeed uses his body control nicely to put up numbers in the paint. He gets off of the floor quickly to throw down some jams as well, when the opportunity presents itself. If his jumper and handle (specifically not having to use many dribbles) become more reliable, he can become a big time wing at the next level.

No. 156, 6'2' 2020 Alton G. Hickman III ' Terry Sanford HS (Fayetteville, NC)

Making the trip up from Fayetteville, Hickman III put on an offensive show during the second portion of his first game. He showed very few holes is his arsenal by knocking down jumpers from all over the floor, taking it to the rim, and finishing in transition. He tends to gamble on the defensive end a bit too much at times and must continue to work on his lateral quickness. Still, the overall talent and confidence proves high and clear. College coaches definitely should keep him on their radar.

No. 143, 6'1' 2020 Benjamin Hollifield ' South Mecklenburg HS (Pineville, NC)

One of the best shooters during the morning, Hollifield went off for a number of three-pointers in his first showing of the day. As soon as he gets his feet set, the opposing team's in trouble. He must continue to work on his handle and diminishing turnovers but also impressed with his motor and vision in transition. He's a decent finisher at the rim' another facet of his game that can improve.

No. 231, 6'9' 2021 Cooper Land ' Middle Creek HS (Holly Springs, NC)

Cooper showed a lot of promise in doing everything you'd want from a big guy. He's patient, can finish with either hand, talks on defense, posts hard, and plays unselfishly. He also showed comfort in stepping out to the short corner and knocking down short jumpers. If he continues to work on his conditioning and get stronger, he has a great chance of earning a spot on a college roster as an effective power forward.

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