No. 6 Lucas Antonetti 5'7

School: Porter Ridge

Class: 2021

Antonetti was one of the younger prospects in attendance but he showed a lot of heart and'competed hard in all three games. At this stage he is still raw but Antonetti has a solid foundation to build off, he was effective on the catch and shoot. Antonetti is unselfish and did well to find his shot within the flow of team sevens offense. As he gets adjusted to the speed of high school ball Antonetti will gain confidence and settle in.

No. 46 Jamel Marbuary 5'10

School: High Point Central

Class: 2019

A talented scorer Marbuary can take and make the contested shot, all he needs is an inch of space and he'll pull the trigger. Marbuary shoots every shot with confidence he truly is a two guard trapped in a point guard’s body. Throughout camp Marbuary impressed with his poise and basketball I. Q. He is unselfish and doesn't hesitate to make the extra pass, Marbuary has been coached well over the years.

No. 75 Bryce Griffin 6'0

School: Wheatmore

Class: 2020

Griffin is a tough young guard he proved to be one of the better shooter in camp, he has the ability to knock down tough shots. This kid handles pressure situations extremely well, Griffin is always ready to take and make the big shot. What stood out to our staff about Griffin was his clutch factor, the bigger the moment the better he plays. Griffin is also a solid rebounder for the guard position he isn't afraid of the dirty work.

No. 86 Jalen Walker- Crawford 6'0

School: Asheville Christian

Class: 2019

Crawford is a smooth lead guard he's got a tight handle and a nice first step off the dribble. In two games he showcased ability to score from all three levels, defenses struggled to keep Crawford out of the paint. He also shot the ball at a high percentage from mid range,'Crawford is also a capable playmaker he looks to set up teammates constantly. Crawford injured his ankle deep into the second game and sat out as precaution, this season he should be a key role player in a deep backcourt for Asheville Christian.

No. 115 Moses Nuanki 6'2

School: Carlisle

Class: 2019

Nuanki is an athletic two- way wing prospect still early in his development, he is far from'a finished product, but there is big upside here! Offensively Nuanki is a natural slasher he attacked the lane at will and earned tough buckets throughout camp. Nuanki's jumper wasn't falling early but he eventually found his form, defensively he is a potential lockdown perimeter defender Nuanki has quick feet and long arms.

No.126 Mantvydas Jasiunas 6'2

School: Rabun Gap

Class: 2019

Jasiunas was one of the biggest sleepers in the entire camp he proved to be one of the top scorers present at the guard position. This is his first year in America from Lithuania so he is still adjusting to the style of play here in the states. Jasiunas is a polished scorer he is a solid shooter from midrange and beyond, he can absorb contact at the rim and finish over smaller defenders. Jasiunas utilized a nasty fadeaway jumper that seemed impossible to defend, he may be the best kept secret in Georgia this season.

No. 155 Jacob Morgan 6'3

School: Pine Lake

Class: 2021

Morgan got better with every game in camp and the experience gained for the youngster competing against big time competition is invaluable. Yet to play a high school game Morgan showed some bright spots in his game, he is a good shooter at this stage and at 6'3 Morgan can easily see over the D. Morgan has great physical tools for the guard position and as he continues to develop he could be one to watch.

No. 166 Miles Pauldin 6'4

One of the most versatile players present Pauldin literally lined up at all five positions when his number was called. Pauldin is a natural ball handler and passer but he's got the size and strength to guard bigs in the paint. He was a serious mismatch problem for defenders Pauldin can take his man off the dribble or pull up for the mid range J. He should be a big part of a talented Independence squad this upcoming year.

No. 195 Hayden Greene 6'8

School: West Stanly

Class: 2019

Greene is a finesse forward he's got nice touch around the basket and can knock down the mid range jumper consistently. This kid is a dangerous weapon in the new pick N roll game Greene can extend to the three or finish at the cup with either hand. With his size and skill set Greene has potential to be a star at the collegiate level. He was one of the most polished bigs we saw and he should be in for a major season.

No. 202 Tim McMillan 5'9

School: Jordan High

Class: 2018

McMillan is built like a tank at 5'9 he has a wide frame and his strength allows versatility on the defensive end. Coming in McMillan impressed our staff with his non stop motor, he gives big effort on both ends. When McMillan gains momentum he comes through the lane like a wrecking ball, this kid is extremely strong and stays low on the dribble. Defensively because of his stocky frame McMillan can body up on forwards and give them fits in the paint.