No. 18 5’10 2020 Adrian Suffren (Charlotte, NC)

Suffren is a tough guard that handles the ball really well. He was a blur on the court today getting out in transition and finish really well at the rim. He is also really good on the defensive end. Moving his feet and stay in front of his opponent. Has great hands and gets a lot of deflections playing in the passing lanes.


No. 21: 5’10 2021 'Clay Hodges (Hiddenite, NC)

Hodges is one of those kids you hate to see coming if you have to guard him. He just keeps coming at you on both ends of the floor. Makes whatever team he plays on better. He will do whatever the team needs to win. Every team has to have one of these kids on your team to be successful. He's a winner! Has a great IQ for the game and continues to get better every time I see him.


No. 41: 6’0 2019 Kameron Ross (Charlotte, NC)

Ross was one of the guys I had selected for Mr. Hustle because his play at the Phenom 150. He just wanted rebounds and 50/50 balls more that most of the guys he played against. He got his team so many possessions hustling and being in the right place at the right time. Plays hard and very aggressive love when a players knows his role on his team.


No. 80: 6’2 2019 'Trevon Bell (Fayetteville, NC)

Bell is an athletic three level scorer that knows how to fill it up. Can score the ball in bunches rather it is in transition or in a half-court offense. He does a great job of creating his shot. He can also create shots for other teammates. He is very crafty and skilled with his ball handling.


No. 106: 6’3 2019 Brevin Goodlett (Spencer, NC)

This kid is one of the best offensive rebounders I have ever seen. He just has great timing and great second jump. Such a great athlete and you can tell he loves playing the game. He's a great slasher and is always very active in the paint.


No. 127: 6’3 2019 'Jeff McInnis Jr 6'3 (Charlotte, NC)

Great body for a guard he plays very aggressively on the defensive end of the floor. Did a great job of beating his opponents to the spot and taking the contact with his chest. He's and elite defender makes things happen on both sides of the floor. He's style of play was contagious as his teammates did a good job of matching his energy.


No. 132: 6’4 2019 Dyquavis Wilkins (Greenville, NC)

Had the best second jump on any player at camp. He an elite athlete that rebounds and block shots with the best of them. You can tell that he has been working on his outside shot as he was able to know down a couple three-point shots. He is pretty skilled more of a post player until he is able to improve his ball handling. But he is definitely a game changer when he is on the floor.


No. 155: 6’6 'Amare Miller (Greensboro, NC)

Miller has great size is very skilled for his position he really stood out during drills. He has great awareness on the court. Love his fundamentals you can tell that he has had some great coaching as he puts a body on his defender as the ball is being shot. He has a great IQ and was really good on the offensive and defensive boards. Elite athlete that has long arms. Gets where ever he wants on the floor.


No. 158: 6’7 2020 Noha Allred (Colfax, NC)

This kid is a very skilled big that can pick and pop or roll to the basket for points. He understands spacing and is automatic from the top of the key. He shoots a very high percentage from the field. He plays at Northwest Guilford so you know that he is being coached very well. Does a great job of using his body to create space to get his shot off.



No. 25: 5’10 2021 Malcolm Knight (Thomasville, NC)

Player's calling is on the defensive end of the floor. He is a great athlete that can defend 94 feet. Has great feet and uses his athleticism to rebound with players bigger than he is. Once his offense catches up with his defense he will be a special player.


No. 103: 6’2 2020 Tyree Barnes (Thomasville, NC)

Like this players length. He is get to the basket whenever he wants and does a good job of finishing with either hand. Would like to see him get stronger to be able to rebound in space. But he has a lot of tools to work with to be a great player. Saw him know down the jumper from time to time on the outside. He will need to be more consistent to be able to keep defenders honest.


No.101: 6’2 202 'Terrence East (High Point, NC)

Player has grown a lot of the last 2 years. His length was able to bother ball handlers making it hard for them to pass around him. He getting better finishing on the offensive end of the floor. As he continue to work on his game once he gets a consistent jump-shot he is going be very dangerous.


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