From the Sidelines

NC Phenom 150 Session 2
Coach K's Standouts
Part 3

No. 149 6'5 '19 RJ Yokley (North Davidson HS, Winston-Salem, NC)

RJ Yokley is a 6'5 stretch forward who has size and perimeter skills. He emerged as one of the top prospects for the 2019 class. The versatile forward showed a multiple of skills. He has advanced ball handling skills and is a willing and able shooter. In addition, RJ has good foot speed and footwork which made him a good defender. He is size, athleticism and skill set already puts him into a D1 level prospect.



No. 87 5'11 '20 Luke Gentry (Trinity HS, Archdale NC)

Don't allow his size fool you. Luke Gentry is a playmaker. He has a high basketball IQ, crafty and simply knows how to play the game. He has poise and patience and has mastered the loss art of feeding the post. We were very impressed with his ability to communicate on the court and showcased tremendous team leadership. As a floor general, he made everyone better which is exactly what you want out of your point guard.


No. 159 6'9 '20 Myles Evans (Ravenscroft School, Wake Forest, NC)

What's not to like about a 6'9 mobile and versatile big! He has passer friendly hands and a soft shooting touch around the basket. He knows how to use the glass to bring us his shot average from the floor. He ran the floor well the entire day and showed us that he has a lot of effort and energy. Defensively, he was able to protect the rim and keep his opponent out to the paint. With Myles, we are talking about a big with tremendous upside and potential. With additional weight and muscle, the sky's the limit for this talented young prospect.


No. 127 6'3 '20 J'Vian McCray (West Brunswick HS, Ash, NC)

J'Vian is an extremely athletic wing guard. He is a high flyer and the ultra-athletic wing showcased tremendous explosiveness throughout the day. On defense, he was extremely active and rebounded extremely well for his size/position. In addition, J'Vian was voted Mr. Hustle by all the camp coaches and staff members.