Team 4

#4 5'7' 2021 Kobe Ellis of Andrews High School (Andrews, NC)
Ellis is a solid point guard who has a good understanding of the game. He makes his teammates better with his unselfish play and vocal leadership. Ellis is a good ball handler who doesn't get rattled when under pressure. Ellis' camp coach stated, 'Kabe has a high motor which is contagious to his teammates. He is a good shooter who can create for himself or his teammates. Only a freshman, he has the understanding of an upperclassman.'



#32 5'11' Najir Underwood of Woodlawn School (Charlotte, NC)
Underwood has a high motor and is a fierce competitor. He goes hard on both ends of the floor and can create his own shot off the bounce where he is a steady shooter. He can play on or off the ball, he moves well without the ball and is able to play at different speeds. Underwood's camp coach stated, 'Najir has an excellent burst that allows him to get by defenders and apply ball pressure on defense. He has very good ball handling skills. Has a lot of potential only being a sophomore.'



#53 6' 2020 Tyler McCurdy of Highland School of Technology (Belmont, NC)

McCurdy is a big guard who runs the floor well. He is a solid athlete who has a noticeable love for the game and enjoys playing. McCurdy shoots the three ball very well from the corner, quickly establishing confidence from his teammates as they would drive and look to kick it to him often. McCrudy's camp coach stated, 'Tyler is a good shooter and a great teammate. Once he continues to develop his ball handling skills he will be an even more effective scorer.'



#60 6'1'2019 Hayden Isaac Murdock of Northwest Cabarrus High School (Kannapolis, NC)
Murdock is a very good shooter, whether it's a catch and shoot situation or off the move. He is a legitimate threat to make shots from anywhere on the court. He runs the floor well to position himself for shots while the defense is in transition. He is a competitor who does not get intimidated. Murdock's camp coach stated, 'Hayden is a competitor who does not get intimidated. He is a confident player who is working on his ball handling as that catches up to his shooting ability he will be even more dangerous.'



#83 6'2' 2021 Quincy Pugh of Middle Creek High School (Garner, NC)
Pugh establishes post position very well on the low block. He has good footwork and is not afraid to pace the basket as well. He is a capable rebounder who is not afraid to get physical for rebounds. He ran the floor for some easy baskets. Pugh's camp coach stated, 'With Quincy's size and skill set Quincy needs to play with more confidence, with his talent he should not defer as much. Already a good player, he has a chance to get even better as he continues to grow.'



#89 6'2' 2019 Cameron Kimber
Kimber is the ultimate leader. He is extremely vocal on both ends of the floor. He takes ownership for his play as well as holds his teammates accountable. He has a don't quit attitude, constantly encouraging and supporting his team. Kimber's camp coach stated, 'Offensively Cameron can create his own shot, as well as create for others. He is a good shooter and can put it on the floor. He has a high ceiling as he has another year left of high school.'



#91 6'3' 2019 Brandon Ellington of Community School of Davidson (Davidson, NC)
Ellington is an outstanding scorer. He shoots it extremely well from the outside but can also put it on the floor for points as well. Because he has an outstanding shot, he uses it very well to set up his drive. He shoots the ball well off the catch with a good IQ and work ethic. Ellington's camp coach stated, 'Brandon is a great teammate and it is easy to see guys enjoy playing with him. Brandon will make any coach happy if he is on their team, he's a player.'



#99 6'5' 2022 Elijah Gray
Gray has good size and a good skill set for an 8th grader. He rebounds the ball well and he knows how to establish himself on the low block. Gray looks comfortable facing up and has great touch and footwork in the high post, facing the basket. Gray's camp coach stated, 'Elijah has a lot of potential as there is a ton of talent in this young man. He was the youngest player in camp, but played very well today.'



#113 6'4' 2019 Jacob Hendrix of Davie County High School (Advance, NC)
Hendrix is a lefty who shoots the ball very well. He has good height at 6'4' which allows him to get his shot off regularly. He runs the floor well and is able to finish in transition. Hendrix is a good rebounder who is able to defend multiple positions. Hendrix's camp coach stated, 'Jacob is a good teammate who is also very coachable. With another year of high school that means Jacob has more time to reach his advance ceiling.'



#120 6'5' 2020 Linwood Grandy of Wayne Country Day School (Kinston, NC)
Grandy has great size at 6'5' and he is only a sophomore. He has good feet that allows him to defender the perimeter and good strength that allows him to defend on the block. Grandy has a solid offensive skill set and is an unselfish player. Grandy's camp coach stated, 'While I would like to see Linwood look to score more, he is a very good defender. Very versatile and is able to help a team immediately on the defensive side of the ball.'