NC Phenom 150 Session 1

Team 3 Evaluations

Coach: 'Grant Hodges

No. 3 5'7 '21 Ehime Abhulimen (Mt. Tabor HS, Winston-Salem, NC)
Ehime plays with good pace at the point guard position. His speed allows him to be a good on the ball defender. Ehime needs to continue to work on his off-ball defense, but that will come with age and experience. Ehime could get to the rim in transition as well as in the half-court set and finishes well despite his size. He plays within the team concept and attempted to get his teammates involved in the offense. Moving forward in his career, Ehime will need to get stronger.


No. 26 5'11 '21 Brandon Cherry (Independence HS, Charlotte, NC)

Brandon played all day within the team concept. He guarded whoever he was asked to guard, set screens, and moved without the ball. Even while playing very unselfishly, Brandon showed the ability to knock down the three ball with consistency. He maintains a great attitude and is very coachable. Brandon doesn't take plays off, and with this effort he will continue to improve. Brandon shoots the ball well from three, and he has good mechanics. He needs to continue to work on shooting off the dribble and creating his own shot.


No. 31 5'11 '18 Kamarie Booker (Warlick School, Gastonia, NC)

Kamarie plays with a great motor. He rebounds the ball well on both the defensive and offensive boards. Kamarie runs the floor to defense with the same pace and desire he runs the floor to offense. You don't coach that attribute. Kamarie has the ability to finish well in transition and can score in bunches. He makes good decisions in transition as well as in the half court set. Kamarie is also a solid rebounder from his guard position.


No. 40 6'0 '20 Garrett McCollum (Uwharrie Learning Center, Pleasant Garden, NC)

Garrett is a very good shooter with a deep range. His shooting mechanics and very quick release allow him to get his shot off with ease. He connects on the three at a high rate. Garrett also is a very reliable off the ball defender, realizing how to play solid help defense. Garrett has a good basketball IQ, understanding space and movement. He moves very well without the ball, finding the open spot to relieve pressure and to be ready to knock down the three. Garrett plays with a team-first attitude that is contagious.


No. 54 6'0 '21 Xzavier Ivey (Parkwood HS, Waxhaw, NC)

Xzavier plays with workman's attitude. He has something that is hard to coach; grit. Xzavier is relentless on the boards, and he believes every rebound should be his. He gets after loose balls, and he is not afraid to get on the floor even in a camp atmosphere. Xzavier attacks the rim, especially in transition and finishes well. He needs to work on extending his range. Xzavier has a bright future, and I look forward to keeping up with him in his high school career.



No. 59 6'1 '19 Dylan Jones (Roxboro Community School, Rougemont, NC)

Dylan is a great teammate and very coachable. He goes hard on every possession on both ends of the floor. He gives great effort and never takes a play off. He possesses toughness and a great attitude. Dylan plays unselfishly and knows when to pick his spots to score. Dylan is constantly seeking feedback and criticism of his game. Not many kids today will do this. Dylan showed the ability to shoot the ball well from deep. He is also a very good rebounder. He understands how to play the game.


No. 84 6'2 '21 Stefon R. McLeod (Rolesville HS, Raleigh, NC)

Stefon was one of the most athletic players in the gym today. He uses this athletic ability to outrebound and finish over much taller players. He also finished above the rim several times in transition. Stefon is an outstanding on the ball defender, and can defend multiple spots on the floor. He is very good at defending the point guard position. As Stefon gains in experience, he could become a lock-down defender. With all that said, his best attribute is that he is extremely coachable. I expect big thing for Stefon. It was a pleasure being able to coach him. His upside is tremendous.


No. 90 6'2 '20 Darien Long (Rolesville HS, Raleigh, NC)

Darien is great teammate and possesses a great attitude. He plays within the team concept, doing all the little things that gets a coach's attention. He screens well, rebounds outstandingly for his size, and moves well without the ball. Darien can score in bunches when he gets going and shoots the ball with confidence. He is also a solid defender on and off the basketball, understanding help defense and positioning. Darien also has the ability to finish around the basket, especially after an offensive rebound.


No. 114 6'4 '19 Javon Outlaw (Wayne Country Day School, Goldsboro, NC)

Javon is a player that is a threat to score wherever he touches the basketball. He can rebound on the defensive end and be at the rim quickly on the other end to finish. He also has very good hands and footwork in the post. He gets his shot off in the lane very quickly. He can score from the post position in a variety of ways, but also has the ability to handle the ball and shoot from the perimeter. Javon had to guard much bigger players and never shied away from the challenge. He is solid rebounder and defender.


No 119 6'5 '20 Kendall Artis-McLean (Rolesville HS, Raleigh, NC)

Kendall is a very nice young player that showed the ability to score and defend in all three games. He is a very quick leaper and has a nose for the ball. Kendall can knock down shots off the bounce and the catch. As he adds weight and strength, Kendall will be a player to keep an eye on going forward. He plays with great energy and seldom takes plays off on either end of the court. He guards well both in the post and on the perimeter, showing the ability to defend many positions.