#1 5’4” 2021 Nathan Hutchins of Forsyth Country Day (Advance, NC)
Hutcins came into camp with a good understanding of team play and showed a great attitude throughout. He proved to be a good ball handler. He has a true point guard’s mentality as a pass first player. Hutchins is a strong player for his size and not afraid to play aggressive on defense. He has good form on his jumper and once he got into the rhythm of camp, they were falling consistently for him.

#36 5’11” 2019 Kendyl Lloyd of Hopewell HS (Huntersville, NC)
Lloyd really took to coaching during camp, he listened and implemented throughout. He showed the ability to do many things on the floor. His passing was crisp and his shooting was precise during camp. Lloyd’s camp coach stated, “Kendyl made good basketball decisions. He has a high basketball IQ, great rotation on his shot. He is also a good athlete.”

#37 5’11” 2019 Dashawn Mason of Concord HS (Concord, NC)
Mason came into camp and gave great effort from start to finish. He plays both ends of the floor very hard and played aggressive defense all day long. Mason’s outside shot was consistent and he showed the ability to finish at the rim. Mason’s camp coach stated, “I love to watch Dashawn play. He is small, but do not let his size fool you. His attitude and sportsmanship is outstanding.”

#73 6’1” 2018 Jalen Hayes of Mountain View HS (Lawrenceville, GA)
Hayes walked into camp with a great attitude. He showed the ability to finish around the basket and he moved very well without the ball. Hayes passes the ball well as a point guard displaying very good court vision. Hayes camp coach stated, “Jalen surprised me today, he hustles non-stop on both ends of the floor. He has a nice jump shot and a solid midrange game. He is a point guard.”

#74 6’1” 2018 Blan Hodges of Alexander Central (Hiddnite, NC)
Hodges is a natural leading with good court vision and a high basketball IQ. He played great defense, both on the ball and off the ball. He carries true point guard’s mentality with his ability to get all of his teammates involved and in their comfort areas. He also shot the ball well from the outside. Hodges camp coach stated, “I would love to have Blan on my regular team. He loves to play defense and is very coachable. Made my team better.”

#109 6’2” 2019 Cameron Holbrook of NW Guilford (Kernersville, NC)
Holbrook has a big, strong frame and body which he uses well, making him difficult to guard defensively. He catches the ball, strongly with both hands and seems to often be in the right place at the right time. Holbrook showed soft touch as he finished close to the basket efficiently. He has good shot mechanics on his jumper and plays both ends of the floor with a very high motor. Holbrook played defensively with great purpose.

#110 6’2” 2019 Christian Martin of SW Guilford (High Point, NC)
Martin is a very strong player on the perimeter, but also did some good things around the basket. He cuts hard to the basket, moving very well off the ball. Martin was able to knock down perimeter jump shots as well as finish above the rim, in traffic. He is a good athlete, very bounce, but he also uses that to be an effective defender.

#146 6’3” 2021 Jaden Bradley of Terry Sanford HS (Fayetteville, NC)
Bradley came into camp with a great attitude throughout the event. He has great length and very long arms. Bradley passed the ball well and handled the ball well and he played good defense both on and off the ball. Bradley showed good form on his jumper and is able to play either guard spot as his ball handling and passing was great.

#181 6’9” 2019 Emmanuel Izunabor of Fayetteville Academy (Fayetteville, NC)
Izuanabor gave great effort and had a great attitude throughout the camp. Izunabor had a high basketball IQ and he was strong attacking the rim. He showed a soft touch from around the basket and was able to extend the floor to 18 feet with good looking form on his jumper. He is able to play tight defense and protect the rim without fouling which is a huge plus. Izunabor has taken a major leap over the last year and has the look of a player with more to go.